Writing Workshops

with the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency and Criteria, LLC


Our short presentations, which can be tailored as a luncheon talk, keynote, or informational presentation at a meeting or part of a trade show, are often given in partnership with Criteria, our sister organization that provides market intelligence and consults on sales and marketing.

The presentations listed here are representative of what we do, but contact us if you have a special need.

Why GenY Buy

This thirty minute presentation with up to thirty additional minutes for questions, delivers the key information Criteria discovered during a three year long study of Generation Y, also called the…

Clear Thinking on a Mac

Windows and Linux users

This presentation is written around Mac third party software and is presented using these packages. The subject is what to use diagramming software for, not how to use particular packages, so Windows users of MS Visio will have no difficulty with the concepts and applying the techniques. Linux users report that Dia is a similar tool, though not as extensive or polished as Visio and Omnigraffle.

Are you a linear thinker or a visual thinker? Do you make lists and outlines or sketch Boxes, Blobs, Lines and Arrows? Fortunately the Mac is great for either and it becomes a totally extreme…

Thinking vs Presenting on a Mac

Thinking about a topic requires us to analyze what we know about data. Presenting requires us to shift perspective to what we want to show about data. Presentation software and common business…

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