Planning, editing and writing non-fiction

This workshop will help anyone master writing and editorial skills to be more effective on the job or to write copy that will out-sell the competition.  Participants will learn how to write and deliver clear and effective materials, from proposals to corporate policy to technical documentation, by writing in the right quadrant. Professionals who are considering a book as an adjunct of their practice, and managers who need to document the work process will also benefit from this workshop.

Ashley Grayson and Carolyn Grayson of Criteria have over 40 years’ combined experience providing consulting and services in marketing, communications, sales training, and instructional materials for major international clients, including CompuServe, Digital Equipment (now HP), Mitsubishi, NEC, Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung, Xerox, and others.

Participants will explore these areas of non-fiction writing:

  • There are only four types of composition: how to know what you are writing and     why.
  • The magic of using lists in organizing a writing project and writing lists and     tables when prose alone won’t do.
  • How to use diagrams to organize and present information. How the right kind of     diagram can break writer’s block and move any assignment ahead. How to quickly assess any business diagram and judge its value. How to draw diagrams when you can’t draw.
  • The difference between writing analysis and writing presentation.
  • The big secret of non-fiction writing: specific is not the bull’s-eye of the writer’s target; the diagram on the left is wrong. The non-fiction writer’s goal is to be in the proper quadrant, as shown in the diagram on the right.
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Who should attend? Scientists, technical professionals and managers who must write as part of their job function, marketing communications specialists, technical writers, project managers, web site writers, newsletter editors, and bloggers who want to expand their audience. Novelists may want to master the art of technical and business writing to earn money from writing while the novel is making the rounds.

Format:   2 Hour, half-day and full-day workshops are available

Fee:  depends on length and size of audience. Longer workshops require a facilitator in addition to the speaker.

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