Outsmarting PowerPoint

The presentation software PowerPoint has recently come under deserved fire as a communications tool.  (Power Point Makes You Dumb, NY Times, Dec 14, 2003)
Its most potent critics, like Edward Tufte, focus on the software’s unfortunate guidance that promotes bad visuals and charts.  There’s more to the issue of effective presentations than the chart-centric critics cover, however.  This seminar walks the technologist, marketing analyst, and business professional through the difference between Data For Analysis and Data For Presentation, a cause of many of Tufte’s complaints.  We discuss presentations within working groups, reports to outsiders and the unique problems of marketing and sales presentations.  Topics include:

How to talk with multimedia
What the presentation gurus are saying and why they disagree so much
How to lie with charts
Putting together a great presentation without MS Wizards
The four rules of rhetoric:  Unity, Clarity, Emphasis and Harmony
The four rules of design:  Alignment, Proximity, Repetition and Contrast
Moving from looking at data for analysis to formatting data for presentation

Format:  2 hour slide show presentation with interactive discussion.
Workshop version available, priced by number of attendees.

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