Non-Fiction workshops

Our non-fiction workshops are offered in partnership with Criteria, LLC our sister organization that provides Market Intelligence and management services.

Planning, editing and writing non-fiction

This workshop will help anyone master writing and editorial skills to be more effective on the job or to write copy that will out-sell the competition.  Participants will learn how to write and deliver clear and effective materials, from proposals to corporate policy to technical documentation, by writing in the right quadrant. Professionals who are considering a book as an adjunct of their…

Diagramming for results

One picture is worth a thousand words, but most charts and diagrams used in business need excessive explanation. At best, they are often unclear and at worst contain artifacts that spawn unnecessary activity, mislead, or are just wrong.

This seminar/workshop gives the participant the insight and tips to:

Identify the most important element of any diagram
Identify the fourteen basic types of…

Outsmarting PowerPoint

The presentation software PowerPoint has recently come under deserved fire as a communications tool.  (Power Point Makes You Dumb, NY Times, Dec 14, 2003)
Its most potent critics, like Edward Tufte, focus on the software’s unfortunate guidance that promotes bad visuals and charts.  There’s more to the issue of effective presentations than the chart-centric critics cover, however.  This seminar…

Effective RFP development

A one day workshop for procurement professionals, business unit  managers and the  engineering and technical groups who must collaborate to issue effective RFPs. Criteria's methods enable your team to perform necessary user needs analysis, and enable technical teams to be clear without being specific.

Audience:  Purchasing departments of large corporations and public agencies.

Format: 1 day…

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