Getting beyond beginner fiction

Author, editor, Hugo and Nebula Award finalist, John Barnes will show you why many of the things you learned to do, the values and habits you adopted, in order to get published, are now the things that are holding you back.  Many fiction writers nowadays are getting their first publications in part by using "training wheels" or "flotation devices" that are offered in countless workshops, seminars, and writer's groups; John can show you how to take those off so you can really ride, swim, or fly!  If you've seen print a few times, mostly in small publications (or those edited by your friends) and you're starting to wonder if that's all there is, this is your chance to find out how much more -- and how you can get it.

Format:  half-day or full day workshops can be given

Fee: This workshop can be offered as part of a public conference (such as a science fiction/fantasy convention) or to small groups. Cost will depend on travel expenses, schedule and number of attendees. Please call the number on the Registration page to discuss.

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