Fiction workshops

Our offerings for novelists include short presentations on the markets, full-day Master Classes on composition and writing the novel, and compressed, three hour intensive eye-opener workshops,

How to write a great novel

W. Somerset Maugham

There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

Maugham was correct when he said his famous quip, probably around 1930, but as time marches on, we know more about writing. As a successful literary agency for thirty years, we have spent a lot of time studying how fiction succeeds and fails. Everyone agrees the magic happens when engaging characters face conflict within interesting stories, but achieving these goals in a focused way is what can…

How to write a great children's novel

This workshop includes all the insight and techniques covered in How to write a great novel, but all the examples are drawn from juvenile works. Participants will see how content and characterization shifts across the three key age groups:

Early reader chapter books

Middle Grade Novels for readers age 8 to 12

Young Adult Novels for readers age 12 and up

Getting beyond beginner fiction

Author, editor, Hugo and Nebula Award finalist, John Barnes will show you why many of the things you learned to do, the values and habits you adopted, in order to get published, are now the things that are holding you back.  Many fiction writers nowadays are getting their first publications in part by using "training wheels" or "flotation devices" that are offered in countless workshops,…

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