Writing Workshops

with the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency and Criteria, LLC


Welcome from the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

After thirty years of discovering and representing bestselling authors and after reviewing the submissions of thousands of aspiring authors, we are offering a number of informative workshops and presentations to help writers at all levels improve their skills. These unique Workshops focus on writing novels and offer new ways for beginners and multi-published authors to enhance their skills and write that elusive breakout book that becomes a bestseller. These workshops are fee-based because they are well beyond what most agents do. The agents of the agency frequently appear on panels and give presentations at writer's conferences for no charge and will continue to do so. We speak on topics like How to Get or Work with an Agent, and provide updates on the publishing marketplace. Our appearances at conferences will be listed here on the Events page.

Authors who Speak and make school visits

Many of our clients speak at writer's conferences as part of the conference program. To learn about which authors will attend which conference, check the author's web sites or the site of the conference you are interested in. Some authors also speak as part of their business, either on their particular expertise, such as industry analysis, personal productivity, or as a motivational speaker. Their offerings can be found on the Speakers and Presentations pages of this site. You can book an appearance by one of these speakers on the Registration page.

Welcome from Criteria, LLC

Criteria is a boutique market intelligence firm which has supported Fortune 500 and startup businesses since 1980 with product launch strategy and tools. We are currently delivering a presentation on Why GenY Buy for product manufacturers and service providers who want to engage with the 70+ million consumers in the Millennial Generation. In addition, we have developed a presentation on How GenY Reads for the publishing industry, which you can read about at this site.

We also provide business seminars in management decision techniques, technical and business writing on such topics as diagrams, clear communication, How to Think Big, and Writing for Impact. Many of these workshops and seminars are offered here in the Non-Fiction section.

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