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The Redneck Ten Commandments

1. There is a God, you ainít Him; donít forget it. 

2. Donít let nothing come between you and God; not your Bass Boat, not your Pick-Up Truck, not your golf clubs: not even your wife & kids.

3. Donít say nothing bad about God; donít use His name in a bad way.

4  Sunday is the Lordís Day, not your day.  Saturday is your day.

5  Always be good to yoí mama, and yoí daddy.

6. Donít kill nobody, even if they need killing.  Leave that up to God.

7. Keep yoí pants zipped up when they ought to be zipped up.

8. Donít take nothing that ainít yours.

9. Donít lie, and donít be talking bad about people.  Remember what your Grandmama use to say, ďIf you canít say something nice, donít say anything at all.

10. Donít be eyeballing anything that belongs to your neighbor, or anybody else.



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