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Help Free Leah and Jasmine’s Mother

May 5, 1999 Wrongfully Convicted of Murder


Can you imagine waking up one night and your whole life changes in every instant your eyes, ears and mind begin to focus…

Can you imagine your husband standing over you with a child you are baby sitting telling you, “Wake up! Something is wrong with Alexis!”

Can you imagine throughout the night the events of a suspense movie unfold and all your mind can spit out is what is happening, why, why, why?….

Can you imagine CPS in your living room the next morning threatening to take your heart and soul (Leah then just 3years old and Jasmine 18 months) and you still are in shock as to what is happening…

A two year old child I was babysitting was spending the night with her 5 year old sister at my home. We were a military couple, the parents were military also. All of us were stationed at Forthood. That night the mother went on a date and didn’t leave her children with the father because she didn’t want him to know she was on a date… he lived right around the corner. My husband woke me up around 1:30 am with Alexis in his arms unconscious. We called the mother, she came, and we called the ambulance. Alexis died at the hospital 2 days later, never to regain consciousness… I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ALEXIS, PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK MY CHILDREN!!!

I asked for a lie detector test, I asked to be put under the truth serum and hypnotized, which is admissible to collaborate my truthful testimony… I asked to have all the big press involved. I was raised near San Francisco, you take action and speak out where I come from when you are violated, when your rights are violated, you just don’t sit there to be slaughtered. I was indicted For Capitol Murder, the Death Penalty, and when I found out I could request 2 attorneys because of the charge my attorney said, “No, I prefer to work alone!” She told me she believed in my innocence, she told me she didn’t want the press involved, that I didn’t need the lie detector test or truth serum… I TRUSTED HER EXPERTISE, SHE WAS THE EX_DA OF GATESVILLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD…SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN HOW TO FREE ME! She had no expert witnesses at my trial…none… I sat in the court room waiting as the doors opened, thinking, “Here comes the expert to free me”…

I studied architecture in college. I tried to study the law from the county jail, but they only took me to a room with a few books and I had to fight to get my time in there. I was soooo distraught from being separated from my children that it took every ounce of strength I had to focus to have hope. I held onto my faith as a Roman Catholic that I would win my freedom. I met wonderful Christian ladies who helped me so much in county jail. My mother was having heart problems but was a true blessing in my life and one of my biggest advocates… this killed her… she passed away October 8th 2002.

I stayed at home to raise my children properly and give a safe loving environment to other children. HOW IRONIC I am charged with my greatest fear, the reason behind me not returning to my career and college.

By the grace of God, I have an attorney who basically only takes strong innocence cases, but we need funding for experts who will help us out of the kindness of their heart. We also need exposure to my story. I am sure I am not the only middle class military wife who didn’t have enough money to pay a high priced attorney. I BELIEVE IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM… I still do, but I see tremendous flaws that need to be addressed.

I am doing my part by standing strong for my two children and others who need that extra hope, as I have studied the legal system, studied the Texas laws, the US laws, all the laws I could get my hands on between therapy for depression and sheer loneliness and heartache from missing my babies so much.

I wrote an essay to Glamour Magazine about my defining moment. I could win ten thousand dollars, that would sure help. I write poetry , I draw and paint and am trying to sell my stuff to make money for my attorney to get me free.

I had Professor Buel from the innocence program assist me and we had law students involved, but funding is poor and time is short. Students are studying for their law degrees and are young at heart. I NEED HELP, PLEASE HELP ME!!I have no real family left. My husband and I, (soon to be an ex, if I can find a divorce attorney to help me see my children) are estranged… this tore everyone apart.

I did not see all the evidence until two years after my conviction. There was exculpatory evidence that could definitely helped me. There was someone who threatened the child’s life, but I can only speak about that in person or through my attorney. All information will be disclosed to anyone who comes aboard, even if only a friend or kind soul who would help fund my freedom. I have nothing to hide. I grew up in a preppy college town and traveled around a lot. I’m an average woman who just wants true justice and to vindicate my name. Will you help me?

Please contact me at...
Colette Draeger 869808
Hobby Unit
742 FM 712
Marlin, Tx 76661

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