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What a wondeful blessing this ministry has been! I never dreamed that so many lives can be touched by simply writing letters. The loneliness and horrible conditions in many of the prisons leads many of these women to turn to suicide. The sense of no one caring, the feeling of hopelessness, the mistreatment and poor living conditions have brought many prison women to a state of total despair. It is almost amazing how a letter of love and concern  can brighten someones day, bring hope, and share God's unconditional love.
It's very difficult for women in prisons to live each day locked up and feeling remorse for the crimes that they committed... but imagine the distress of knowing each day of your is life passing by and you are completely innocent of the crime that you were convicted of. What a horrible thing to live with.
I can honestly say this prison ministry has been one the greatest blessings in my life. Meeting and sharing with women from all over the country... being able to encourage, comfort, be a friend and spiritually guide these women has brought joy into my life knowing that a simple person like myself could be used by God.
I am looking forward to the many more years of being a part of these women's lives.
In Jesus' love and service,
~Louise Buhay

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