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Meet Louise
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     My name is Louise Buhay and I curently reside in the state of Florida. I was born and raised in Long Island,  NY and my husband Michael and I moved here to Florida in the year 2000.We have 4 children, my oldest being 18 and our 3 younger adopted children are ages 5, 3 and 3.
     In the year of 1998 I became a born again Christian and my heart and  life was drastically changed! The Lord Jesus Christ has placed an incredible love and compassion in my heart for others which led me to contact women locked up in prisons. For the past 5 years I have been writing a woman pen pal in prison. Recently the Lord has prompted me to write more women and today I am in contact with over 60 prison pals and the numbers are increasing monthly.
    Would you please take a few moments, read these stories, and see if  the Lord motivates your heart to help any of these women. As you learn more about them and their stories you may find that they really don't belong in prison at all.
Please, if you are able... reach out and help these women receive the justice they deserve.  
In Jesus' tender love,

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