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A compact disk (CD) is available of very old family songs
sung by (James) Harvey Lee Osburn

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Before Harvey died, over thirty years ago, he sat by an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, strummed a guitar and reminisced about and sang the old family songs as they were sung by his family almost a hundred years ago on the old Kansas farm.

When I was a child, he sang these songs to all of his children. We grew up with this precious memory and now sing many of these same songs to our grandchildren today.

Nancy transferred all 45 songs from the old tapes to compact disk and offers this precious heritage to all family members.


Hello and welcome to the Osburn and Related Families Home Page. My name is Nancy (Osburn) Jones and I am the daughter of (James) Harvey Lee Osburn, born in Havensville, Jackson Co., Kansas in 1901. Because he was the youngest son of the family, he inherited the old Osburn family bible. He died rather suddenly and the bible was left in our care. About twenty years ago, my dad's sister's granddaughter Carolyn, wrote to me asking for some information from the bible. I immediately sent her the birth dates and marriages from it. I mentioned to her that I would go to our local library and check to see what I could find on the Osburn family. Little did I realize how much there was to find!

Together Carolyn, along with my sister Barbara, searched many libraries and compiled so much family history, that I feel it necessary to share it with other family members.

When I was a child I remember sitting on my dad's lap and he would tell me wonderful stories about his life on the farm with his family. He talked, and he sang too. It was a wonderful experience. What I hope to do in this site is try to relate to you stories he told to me about his mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Carolyn and I have accumulated so much information on Osburns and related families and this too I will share.

Our cousin Dovie Osburn, who lives in Oregon, has done a wonderful job on her Osburn Connection site. What I hope to do is add to what she has been doing. All of us so much appreciate all of her hard work. Thank you Dovie! We also wish to thank Cousin Carolyn, David Clark, Wayne Osborne, Barbara Lepore (my sister), Donald Osburn and many others.

A Word From Cousin Carolyn

Our family was blessed to have a marvelous story teller who was the keeper of our family history. He was Harvey Osburn, my grandmother’s brother. In the late 1960's he came to visit me and he showed me the old bible that belonged to his parents. He told me wonderful stories about the family and I told him of my interest in family history. I was thrilled when he let me copy some information he had collected about the Osburn family.

Then he told me of the family tradition of passing the family bible on to the youngest son. It became that child’s responsibility to keep the family history and pass it on to the next generation. Harvey was the youngest son of Stephen and Purthena Osburn. He said he was visiting nieces and nephews all over the United States telling the stories he had heard his father tell and looking for kin who shared his interest in the family history.

Harvey’s health was failing and soon he became too ill to continue his travels. He died in 1970 and the old family bible was left to his youngest child, Nancy, who treasures it. She enjoys keeping the genealogy of our family. She created this web site to share family history with all of our kinfolk. The family tradition continues.

One of the treasures Harvey passed along was that our Stephen Osburn, who was born in Kentucky in 1801, was the son of Jonathan Osburn. Through the years Nancy and I, and several others, searched for Jonathan Osburn. We found many Jonathan Osburns in Kentucky who could have been our ancestor. We traced each one backwards and forward and finally in the 1980's found the one who had sons with the names that Harvey had told us were Stephen’s brothers. Our ancestor was Jonathan Osburn who died in Parke County, Indiana in 1834!

Through our research we felt certain Jonathan Osburn’s wife was Margaret Claypool. We had located a transcript of a bible that had belonged to Jeremiah Osburn and was passed to Samuel Osburn. It showed that Jeremiah’s son Jonathan had married Margaret Claypool. Now we needed some proof that our Jonathan was that Jonathan.

We searched every scrap of information from the 1834 estate settlement of Jonathan Osburn and found that his son, Caleb C. Osburn, had gotten the family bible. We were sure that bible would show our family history because Caleb was the youngest of Jonathan’s children. We believed in the tradition. We wondered how we would ever find that bible after so many years.

In 1998, on the Internet, Nancy found David Clark, a descendant of Caleb C. Osburn. He had the record from Caleb’s old bible! The transcript from it states that Jonathan Osburn married Mary (Margaret?) Claypool. In that same transcript it notes that Stephen Osburn married Charlotte Shintaffer and it records the birth of their first child, Elenor, who died very young.

That old bible, taken by the youngest son, provided the missing link of our family’s genealogy. I believe Harvey was looking down on us and gave Nancy the right nudge to find it.

Nancy has put all these records on her site. This collection of bible records proves our genealogy for a period of more than 200 years!

I hope all of our cousins who read this will remember the Osburn tradition and record the names and dates for the current generations and then pass it on with family stories. Let the tradition carry on into the next millennium.

A Window in Buck's Grove Church, Jackson County Kansas

Photo and Narrative by Donald Osburn 1999


Anyone that has done research on their ancestors from the Buck's Grove area would be impressed at the sight of this window. It is located above the entry door where the sun can light up it's beautiful colors. I don't know the story behind this window or who made the stained glass, but at a glance it can tell you a wonderful story of the history of our ancestors.

The Osburn family came to this country for a better life for themselves and for their children. They had to spend many days aboard a small ship at sea before arriving here in this country. After many years moving west through Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa they finally settled in Jackson County Kansas.

The home on the side of the hill could represent the homestead at Cross Creek near Havensville, Kansas. The Osburn family like many others were farmers, which the plow represents in the picture. They built their homes and farms around their Church and a strong faith. The rising sun is their light that shines down on us everyday to give us strength to carry on what they started for us years ago.

They would be proud of the younger generation advanced from farmers to what we call High Tech today. The large tree next to the Church with it's many branches, shows the growth of our family over the years. The Grave Stones represent the cemetery next to the Church where our ancestors are buried. There you will find Stephen Douglas, Purthena Ann Smalley Osburn and Stephen and Charlotte Shintaffer Osburn.

By Donald Osburn, Great Grandson of Stephen and Purthena Osburn.

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