Christmas Greetings


Greetings from Jerri Reimann.
With fond wishes for a wonderful holiday season
full of love, faith, and fellowship with those dear to you.


For one quiet moment,
consider this:
an all-powerful Creator -
the only being to ever make
something out of nothing -
loves to such an extent
that he allows his power and majesty
to be rendered helpless,
to be contained within
the body of an innocent young girl.

He loves with such abandon
that he risks everything -
creation, history, future -
on the answers
of fragile, fallible humans
who might say no at any moment.

But they say yes
to a gloriously absurd plan,
one so crazy that it actually works.

The young girl says,
"It's impossible
and no one will believe,
but you may do
whatever you wish with me."

The man says,
"Nobody will ever
take me seriously again,
but I will trust you and obey you."

For more than thirty years,
they keep saying yes,
joining their risk to his,
continuing to chance it all
for something they can't quite see.
Instead of growing easier,
the risk becomes harder and scarier
until it ends in hideous death...
astonishingly transformed
into ceaseless life.

For one quiet moment,
step away from
the presents and parties,
the food and festivities.
Think the unthinkable.
Believe. Trust. Risk.

- Jerri Reimann