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Our Lady of Oregonia
...looks great framed in the 20 x 24 size!
Best in Show, 2006 Warren County Festival of the Arts

Female Cardinal 3528
Female Cardinal 3528

The dramatic lighting of this beautiful bird is the result of an almost totally overcast sky, the sun peeking through clouds on the low western horizon and backlighting Mrs. Cardinal, topped off with freshly-fallen snow reflecting the sun from below.
Eastern Cardinal, Richmondena Cardinalis Cardinalis
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Male Eastern Cardinal 109186

Female Eastern Cardinal 110366

I'm keeping my eyes on her...
Male Cardinal 3311
Male Cardinal 3311

Female Eastern Cardinal 119643

Male Eastern Cardinal 110351

Who's watching me?...
Female Cardinal 4090
Female Cardinal 4090

Red, White, and Bluejays 21370

This family of four Blue Jays frequent our feeders for most of the year.  Of course, they have no choice sharing with the many cardinals!  This picture was captured on
February 14, 2007 after a freezing rain.

Red, White, and Bluejays
Available in sizes:
10 x 22 and16 x 40 (Twin bed) mats
14 x 42 (Double), 17 x 51 (Queen) and 20 x 60 (King) gallery-wrapped canvas

Red, White, and Bluejay 401299

The tables are turned! 
Same tree, same branch, same blind location, one year later...  This year, it was the Cardinals' turn to out-number the Bluejays. This picture was captured on
March 8, 2008 during a snow storm that dumped 14" on our feeders.  I photographed this scene all day.  At any one time, there were 50 to 80 Cardinals present.  There are more pictures to come...

Red Bird Blizzard 401499

Available in sizes:
10 x 22 and16 x 40 (Twin bed) mats
14 x 42 (Double), 17 x 51 (Queen) and 20 x 60 (King) gallery-wrapped canvas

Wow!!!  We're having fun with the Cardinal Convention!
You should see it in a 32 x whatever or 40 x 54 on canvas!
To quote our framer:  "It's awsome!!!"

Cardinal Convention 05969
Cardinal Convention (or... Cardinal Wannabees) 0 5969
When it starts snowing, especially towards the end of the day, the cardinals congregate in our front yard.  One-by-one, they dive-bomb the feeder, returning to eat supper on their perches.  This scene sometimes lasts for one half hour or more.  These are fast flitters, so you better count fast before one leaves the picture!  An occasional junco or sparrow joins the feast.  The guy in the upper left was getting ready to jump for the feeder as the shutter snapped.  The lighting was rather dim, so the birds on the closest branches are out of focus.  The lens I had on the camera was too long to get the shot in one frame, so this image is actually two pictures spliced together.  Can you find the seam?
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