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Mexican consumers have a fondness for sweet treats. And U.S. candy exporters have been among the first to cater to their sweet tooth. U.S. candy trade has made great strides in Mexico in recent years, with business up 70 percent from calendar 1999. In 2002, with exports upwards of $100 million, the United States had a 65-percent share of Mexico's import market...  
AgExporter, Dec, 2003 by Rosa Maria Rivera, Pablo Orozco /info/ agexporter

[...] In addition to developing strong working relationships with Mexican partners, U.S. firms should use Spanish-language materials and speak Spanish whenever possible while doing business in Mexico. [...]

[...] As Mexican manufacturing of electronic products becomes more complex, U.S. companies can find opportunities in new sectors such as batteries, antennas and switches, relays and plugs. Also, U.S suppliers of services related to electronic components such as logistics, scrap management, inventory management, etc., can find opportunities in the Mexican market. [...]

Source: U.S. Commercial Service. Country Commercial Guide, Mexico
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