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Dance of the Universe

Wax resist, Dance of the Universe

April 25th, 1987 to June 5th, 1988... Strangely enough, this is the first journal with a wax resist in it. (Actually there are several.) I learned to do wax resists in 8th grade art class at Ray Lyman Wilbur Jr. High in Palo Alto, CA. The class was taught by Mrs. Lanier, one of my favorite teachers, ever. From this journal on, wax resists comprise much of the art I do.


July 4th, 1988 to Tuesday, September 26th, 1989 I return from my twentieth high school reunion. I'm inbetween bands and jobs. Life is rocky, but illustrated.


Pen and Ink, Renaissance

November 16th, 1989 to January 20th, 1991... The New Year's brings one of my favorite bands I ever played in, Peacemongers, an improv rock band with Brad Massengill and a series of bass players.

29th Birthday

Weird Woman
Wax resist, 29th Birthday

February 3rd, 1991 to Thanksgiving, 1991... Obviously I'm having trouble turning 39. That was the premise behind the title of this book. More trials and tribulations, but tempered with plenty of music. I was doing freelance graphic design to support the family.

Two Boots & A Helicopter

November 30th, 1991 to April 26th, 1992... In which I celebrate my 40th birthday. Now that was a party! The title comes from one of my favorite jokes.

Two Boots... Title page
Color copy of a wax resist

This is an illustration of my favorite cowboy boots, which are, in reality, black and white. That's the great thing about living in Texas... You can wear cowboy boots anywhere, anytime and be well dressed.

Two boats and a helicopter...