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Marker illustration from Greensickle


Fall 1970 to Winter 1971. Living in Carbondale, IL, attending Southern Illinois University dating my first husband, Jim. Lots of class notes from my pottery class with Nick Vergette.

Little Book 'Til the Big One Comes

One of the missing books, lost in a house fire in the winter of 1972. Jim and I break up and I'm heartbroken.

The Big Book

Blah blah blah about breaking up with Jim, getting engaged to someone else, breaking up with him and getting back together with Jim. Put away in the spring of 1971, with sporadic entries ever after.

Farm Journal

Spring 1971 to January 15, 1972... Jim and I are living on a farm outside of Carbondale, Il. The journal I was using when the farm house burned down.

Care Package

January 30, 1972 thru May 1... We couldn't find any 8 1/2 x 11" journals in Carbondale, so Jim's sister, Karen, in NYC, had to send us some. She sent us some really fab magic markers, too, in a care package.

The Young Marrieds

May 15, 1972 to August 17, 1972... More class notes, magic marker illustrations...

My Book

Marker illustration
My Book

Fall 1972 to Winter 1973... Technically this is the first book I ever made. It's a punch 'n' bind with gold Crescent Board covers and 11 x 17" pages of heavy coated stock.