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Sometimes I think my journals are fuelled by caffeine... And Ruta Maya's where I get it. Both Ali and Sara, my daughters, used to work there. Now I have to rely on the other wonderful people there to be my caffeine dealers.

Ruta Maya International

Nia links

NiaSpace, Austin, Texas

My 'home' studio. I work and dance here.

Nia Technique

I 'found' Nia right after Holly Curtis opened NiaSpace in Austin. I soon started working there and eventually got my White Belt from Holly. Nia is a wonderful combination of a bunch of things: modern dance, jazz dance, yoga, t'ai chi, tae kwan do (and more) put together by Debbie and Carlos Rosas. It's about connection -- between your mind, body, and spirit, but it's also a wonderful workout!

Great book sites...

Michael Jacobs

Roz Stendahl's website

Karen Veni's Night Cat Books

Jill Timm's Mystical Places Press

Amy Peacock's wonderful stuff


Kim Miller

Kim's been a friend of mine since we met trying out for a band in the winter of 1985. She was fabulous! And when I didn't get the spot, I assumed she had gotten it. A couple week's later a friend from work and I tried out a new restaurant near where we worked downtown, Manuel's. It had killer margaritas and kickass Mexican food. To my surprise, Kim was there. It turned out neither one of us had gotten the spot with the band.

We met frequently at Manuel's for years. Kim was a college friend of the wife of one of the owners, Jennifer Koury, a talented musician and artist herself. There are so many of my journal entries that begin... "Friday, at Manuel's..."

Some of my favorite evenings have been sitting around a camp fire near the Pedernales River with Kim and other friends trading songs under the stars...

Del Rey's homepage... The woman and her guitar...