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In addition to the big journal, which I carry with me everywhere in a backpack -- plus art supplies and a huge assortment of pens -- I have a little journal, too. These are 'pocket' books, for taking notes in quickly when it would be too much of a hassle to pull out the big journal, like when I'm listening to NPR and they mention a book I want.

Of course the problem with small pocket books is that I forget to take them out of my pockets sometimes when I do the laundry! The middle book has been through a wash cycle and survived quite well. The book on the right is a 'toaster' book: a ribbon mechanism pops the book out of its case when the case is opened. Look on the 'editions' page to see a series of photos of one opening.


The book popped out. It's purple goatskin with a backpared leaf onlay in green and a tidge of terra cotta, while the toaster is covered in green goatskin, with a purple leaf onlay. The page size is 2" tall.