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Coming in September 020007!!!

Living the Creative Life
Ric Freeman-Zachery

My friend Ric has written another book. This one, to be published by North Light Books, is about the creative processes of fifteen artists. It's absolutely fabulous!

...Making Books

Books Unbound
Michael Jacobs

North Light Books, 2005

Michael Jacobs, who teaches great workshops, BTW, has a new book out. One of the best things about Michael's workshops are his templates and instructions. He has thought absolutely everything out. His books are the same way. He makes really delightful, innovative structures.

Making Journals By Hand

Jason Thompson

Rockport Publishers, 2000

Some of my journals are in this book along with a lot of other wonderful journals and projects. Jason is the proprietor of Rag and Bone Bindery, and gathered together all of the journals in this book. It was the first time I'd let one of my journals out of my posession, kind of like your kid going off to camp for the first time, or something. I had a fantasy of all the journals from all the different people having long conversations about what their makers were like when Jason turned off the lights at night.

Making and Keeping Creative Journals
Suzanne Tourtillott

Lark Books, 2001

Another books with some of my work in it. This is a good book about making cool artist's books. The instructions are easy to follow and concise. I actually took some of my journals to Lark, in Asheville, NC, when this book was in the works. I have a really nice journal entry about going out to lunch with Suzanne at a wonderful restaurant in downtown Asheville.


The Decorated Page
Gwen Diehn

Lark Books, 2002

Lark publishes a lot of great how-to and craft books. There are some wonderful pages and ideas in here (ok, a page of mine is in here, too). It's a great book for new techniques.