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Green morocco with red and yellow overlays

Be Leaf

June 11th, 02000 to March 19th, 02001 Oh this poor journal! Just before I left on my trip to Bookbinding 2000, I realized I'd need a new journal. So, yet again, I quickly bound another one, popped it under the cooler in my car to be pressed and took off. Two days later when I got to Atlanta, I discovered that my cooler had leaked all over it, soaking the boards and severely warping it. I put together a book press out of 'C' clamps and melamine boards but it was too late.

My life got kind of warped at this point, too. After Rochester, I drove to Phoenicia to spend a week with my Aunt Anne. There I got bit by a tick carrying Lyme disease. When I got back to Austin I was put on a regimen of antibiotics, which took care of it. Two days after finishing the antibiotics, I basically fell off my roof, landed on my feet and shattered my left leg. I got a bone graft and steel plate and spent over two months recovering. Then in December, while running the tree lot for the Austin Optimist Club, my appendix ruptured. Did I go to the hospital? No, of course not. I waited three days until I had peritonitis and other problems and then went to the doctors. She had me driven to the emergency room.

So I had a lot of time on my hands to write in my journals. I actually wrote in the journal while in the emergency room waiting to go into surgery for the leg. Morphine definitely affects my handwriting... And thinking...

Crescent Star Orient

March 22nd, 02001 to January 19th, 02002 My first concave spine journal, a structure I first saw at Bookbinding 2000 in a demonstration by James Brockman. My spine is flexible and his is rigid, but these are cool because there's no gutter.

In October I became self-employed, still working at the same place, but for myself, an ever-rocky, evolving thing.

Crescent Star Orient
Navy blue calf with morocco, calf & metal inlays

Journal pages, Crescent Star Orient
Pen & ink, magazine photo