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Detail from endsheet of Plain Brown Book

Plain Brown Book

Thanksgiving, 1997 to March 25th, 1999 This was a fast binding, because, with Mom being sick, I had no time to worry about design. Two thirds of the book is a chronicle of Mom's illness and death. The endsheets for this book are old (1600s) pages of a German manuscript that came from some old paste boards that we soaked apart and saved. They are stained by the animal glue and just beautiful.

Plain brown book
Sewn on cords, brown calf, manuscript endsheets

Casebound, orange and burgundy morocco with various colored inlays


March 28th, 01999 to June 10, 02000... That's right, we're Y10K compliant! Among other things, we're starting to find out what happened to the O'Hairs. Plus I'm buying a house. And by then end I'm on my way -- road trip -- to Bookbinding 2000 in Rochester, NY. Along the way I hit the Civil War battlefields at Vicksburg and Gettysburg, and friends and family.

Another fast binding. This one I didn't even have enough leather to do a full binding in one color so I had to skive two skins together!