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Little Ray of Sunshine
Sewn on cords: goatskin, cloth, painting

Little Ray of Sunshine

Friday, March 14th, 1996 to April 15th, 1997 Another journal on Mohawk Superfine, with guards and this time, with a real innovation, a pocket in the back for holding all the stuff that's always falling out when the journals are handled.

The name Little Ray of Sunshine came from Madalyn O'Hair. She told me once "Well, you're just a little ray of sunshine around the office, aren't you?" She did NOT mean it as a complement! By the time this journal was started, she'd been dead for for almost six months, but no one knew.


April 16th, 1997 to November 24, 1997... More Mohawk Superfine, approximately 8 1/2 x 11." During this time, I found out my Mom had terminal lung cancer. She'd had a wonderful summer, culminating in a family reunion in Bardstown, KY, but by September events are spiralling to their conclusion.

I was able to go home and care for her for a week every month. This is a hard journal for me to page back through even now.

Sewn on cords binding, Black morocco with purple morocco inlay, aluminum ruling

Sunflower Fourth of July, Starlight
Wax resist