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The handmade journals...

Eyes Wide Open
Viridian goatskin, hand marbled paper

Eyes Wide Open

May 6th, 1994 to April 12th, 1995... The first handmade journal, made of plain, white 70 lb bond paper (11 x 17"). Each page has a margin, usually filled with drawings or comments, or as a place to attach ephemera. Due to all the ephemera in this book, it 'V's out from the spine to the foredge. I am still working at the bindery, and my first granddaughter, Kaya, is born.

Pressure Points

April 13th, 1995 to March 13th, 1996 Mohawk Superfine paper (11 x 17"). In this journal I used guards around every signature. These were clipped out as I came to them, saving room at the spine for all the ephemera that I pasted in.

The margins and marginalia continue. jc was working at the local psychedelic club, The White Rabbit, and many of the marginalia are done in glow in the dark crayons. On March 2nd, I took my first Nia class, the wonderful movement technique that I felt like a 'homecoming' for my body.

Pressure Points
Brown calf, handmade pastepapers

Ace In Your Hat from Pressure Points
Wax resist