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Intentionally, this time...

Intentional Journal

April 28th, 1992 to September 2nd, 1992... I'm looking for a job because we're living hand to mouth. Freelancing isn't working out. I'm still singing with Peacemongers and am hosting open mikes every now and again at Chicago House... Staying up late hanging out at Magnolia Cafe, where Ali is now working... And then I get a job. I'm hired to do art and design by Robin O'Hair, daughter/granddaughter of Madalyn Murray O'Hair at American Atheist General Headquarters. Af first it all goes well...

Wax resist, Intentional Journal

Iron Woman

September 9th, 1992 to February 26th, 1993 The O'Hairs become disillusioned with me, and I with them. This journal is filled with stuff I did at AAGHQ. I've taken up lifting weights, and cut way down on partying and music.


Journal page
A couple notes from Madalyn O'Hair

March 1st, 1993 to October 30th, 1993... I'm actively looking for another job. I don't find one, but in mid-July I am laid off, along with most of the other workers at AAGHQ. One of the most aptly named journals I have. This one came with blank canvas covers for painting. I never got around to painting them, but when it was done I wanted another just like it, but the store where I bought it didn't have anymore. How hard could it be to learn how to bind books?

Journal page
Colored pencil, cutout, photo

New World Order

November 2nd, 1993 to May 5th, 1994... The last of the store bought journals. By Thanksgiving, I've found a job as an apprentice at a book bindery. I've taken a cut in pay and I'm making clamshells, but I'm learning how to make books from Mark Evans. I feel as if everything in my life has finally fallen into place: all my talents and skills seem to have led me to this point.