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Off to see the world...

Crazy Woman

June 1975 to November 1975. A missing book, and of all the missing, the one I miss the most. In this book I left Jim and Peoria behind me and went to live on the Rosebud Rez for nine months. I went to a Lakota Summer Studies Institute at SintÚ Gleska College and later got a small job working for the tribe doing documentary work.

A couple notebooks

I have a couple of notebooks from the Fall of 1975... My notebook from Lakota class and a composition book I was trying to write stories in.

Starheart's New Book

November 12, 1975 through June, 1976... In which I leave the rez, travel to Yellow Springs, OH and end up in Phoenicia, NY, living with my Aunt Anne for the Bicentennial Summer. For the first time, I have a journal to write my song lyrics in. I start doing more calligraphy.

A Change of Heart

July 3, 1976 to late April 1977... From Phoenicia I move to Madison, WI to live with one of my two best friends from high school, Michael. Across several pages in this journal are the words "I don't have to be plugged in, but I sure do have to be wired!" Pretty much sums up my life at the time.

Babe the Little Sweetheart of the Prairie
Change of Heart