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India ink and magic marker, 3x a Day

Three Times a Day...
Walk with a Cane Through Your Elbows

Spring 1973 to Oct. 30,1973 Hard to tell with this book. It's like a dos a dos in that it starts at both ends. Most entries are undated, but it definitely covers my first 'real' job, as a sketch artist at International Paper Folding Carton and Label Division in Peoria, Il.

My New Black Book

My desk at Work
from My New Black Book

October 31, 1973 to April 21, 1974 Church programs, past history, a few short writings about current events. One of the things IP had that I thought was really cool were printings of all of their stock illustrations for cans of food. Some of these were quite old and bizarre looking and they feature prominently in my journal. I think I actually wallpapered my bathroom wall with large prints of spinach.

Woman Hours

Spring/Summer 1974 Still Working at IP and increasingly hating it and Peoria.


October 29, 1974 to New Year's...

Diary of a Space Chicken

New Year's Day 1975 to June 1975... My life falls apart at this time but you'd never know it from my journal. I quit working at IP, became completely fascinated with the unfolding events at Wounded Knee, and had a cataclysmic break up with Jim.

Taj Majal
Pen and ink illustration from Space Chicken