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PROWL - the Pittsburgh Job Index.


A directory of different Internet job sites,

The Pittsburgh Job-Hunting Sites and Resources page sponsored by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. A good overall site for the Pittsburgh region.

Pittsburgh job databases

A link provided by member Dennis McCarthy of recruiters, not just in Pittsburgh, but across the country.


The site of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. The STC is the sponsor of WorkQuest™ and many of our members are also members of STC. Their website has a jobs section for technical writers.

STC Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has an excellent job search facility for Pittsburgh area high-tech jobs. They also have a directory of Pittsburgh technology organizations.

Pittsburgh Technology Council is probably one of the largest web sites for job searching. You can specify a geographic region (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for example) and find only local opportunities. This will probably be one of your major job sites. is another large web site for job searching. You can specify a geographic region (by city or ZIP) and find only local opportunities and narrow the results to within a certain number of miles. The site also contains good articles on interviewing techniques, resume building, what to wear to kill your chances, etc. is another one of the large national job search sites. Not quite as technically oriented, it still has a good number of technical jobs in our area.