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"I'm beginning to come around to the realization that every day is the time to look for a new job.
Years ago, I realized that every job is a temporary job, and no one knows when the job will end."
--Robert Burton, an early member of WorkQuest™, 2002

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Our Mission
WorkQuest™ is a support group for individuals looking for work in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania.
* We concentrate on the specifics of job hunting, such as improving resumes, interviewing skills, networking, and staying motivated, and we encourage people to share their successes as well as their frustrations.
* We try to both guide the newly unemployed and motivate the ones languishing in their search. WorkQuest™ is also for people who are underemployed or thinking of changing jobs.
* Anyone from any field is welcome to use WorkQuest™ services. There is no fee.

WorkQuest™ is sponsored by a grant from the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, STC. Visit them at