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* Outboard Motors *

 The most important part on your skiff is the outboard motor.
                      Buy the best one that you can afford !                           

One of the most common misconceptions about outboards, is that a 4 stroke may be too heavy for your skiff.  I think that this myth may have been created by manufacturers that don't have any good 4 stroke motors to sell.   Below I have a list of many 2 and 4 stroke outboard motor weights. Check and compare the weights before you buy. A heavier 4 stroke is still much better than a 2 stroke, anyday. Chog and mummichog skiffs have been used with 4 stroke motors with much success.----- The best advise that I can give, is to do some research, and use a brand that can be serviced locally.

When powering your new skiff, buy the best that you can afford. The engine selection can make or break your new boat. I would never recommend that you build a boat, for a motor that you have. It should be the other way around.    jm

Here's a list of outboard motor weights.
Evinrude  2 stk     E - Tec
E Tec     2 stk       40 hp                240 lbs
E Tec        "          50 hp                240 lbs
E Tec        "          60 hp                240 lbs
Yamaha 4stroke   40 hp                183 lbs
Yamaha 4 stroke  50 hp                237 lbs.
yamaha 4 stroke   60 hp                237 lbs.
Suzuki 4 stroke    40 hp                243 lbs.
Suzuki 4 stroke    50 hp                243 lbs.
Mercury 4 stk      40 hp                247 lbs
Mercury 4 stk      50 hp                247 lbs
Mercury 4 stk      60 hp                247 lbs
Honda                 40 hp                205 - 215 lbs
honda                  50 hp                205 - 215 lbs
More specs will be added as I find them.   


Mummichog & Chog skiffs

C-16 clam skiff

A new utility version of the C-16
Built of merranti marine ply
mahogany and white oak
W/Bow and stern bits

C 16 under construction 2010
Available spring 2010

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