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Plans - NEW M18V

All plans are for tape seam, marine plywood construction. - Below is a sample of the simple flat panel layout, - no lofting is required.  ---  Plans must be ordered by phone ;  Pay Pal is coming soon.  JM


This is a sample layout , for the side and bottom panel. ( example C-16 )

                                                                                                   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mummichog - 12
This is a lightweight skiff, built using 3 1/2 sheets of marine plywood.     A sweet row boat or powered by a 5 hp outboard,  it will give many hours of pleasure.  ---  loa 11'2" --  wt 110# .  ---    Building plans are ---- $50.00

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chog 16
Good all around skiff. Fitted w/a center console or use with a tiller. This lite skiff needs  an outboard of 15 to 25 hp.--- Loa - 15'3" and a beam of  5'8".  weight 350#.------ Building Plans -- $60.00

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chog 18
The Chog 18 is the F250 of the fleet. This large skiff (18' 2") can handle a crowd or carry lots of gear.   It's 6'4" beam makes for a stable platform.  Reccommended hp is 25 to 50.   Hull weight is around 450#
Options such as a 1" bottom and a 2" transom, can produce a durable work or play boat.                    Building plans ---$75.00

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mummichog 16 V -----  The V bottom version of the C 16.  -  Can be built w/a self bailing sole and a center console or ues it w/a tiller. - It can accomodate outboards from 25 to 40 hp. -  loa 15'3" with a beam of  5'8 & a deadrise of 10  degrees. Hull weight 500#.  Building plans --- $75.00  ---  This design can be made longer by up to 10 percent.

The V bottom version of the C-18.   This is the F-350 of the fleet. -  A  robust skiff that will handle offshore use and still maintain its ability to be pulled up on the beach.  It can be powered by outboards of up to 90  hp. ----- LOA - 18' 2"  a beam of 6'8" and a deadrise of 9 degrees, w/a hull weight of 750#. It can be fitted w/a self bailing sole and a center console. ---  This design is easily stretched up to 10 percent. ---  Building plans ---$100.00  --- Note - Plans are now available


Use with oars or small outboard

C-16 w/a CC

C-18 w/a center console


M 18 V
Plans are now ready !

Ordering information
Plans can be ordered by sending a check to the address on the  (contact me page).     -----   Now working on a "PayPal" account.     Sorry but we no longer accept credit cards.  --  thank you   Jerry Mathieu

When a note is made that a design can be stretched , it is not in the design or plans. The builder will need to decide what modifications need to be made to the original plans...   The plans are only intended as written.  

 Note - This change can be done with little fuss, but its not in the plans.  J.M.

C-16 clam skiff

A new utility version of the C-16
Built of merranti marine ply
mahogany and white oak
W/Bow and stern bits

C 16 under construction 2010
Available spring 2010

Free Plans
Plans for the M-12 are
available (free) to - School shop programs , Boy scouts and other non profit groups.  - Send request on school or other letter head; only regular mail will be given consideration.
Send request to
Jerry Mathieu
Westport, MA. 02790