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A great web site you can check out , it covers it all when using epoxy. www.epoxyworks.com

When I publish things like mph , its not a made up   :  its a true reading, (boat test)  -  done on a G P S . -- J.M.

If it's about boats and boatbuilding, outboard motors or ?. - You may find it here, J.M.

Here's a look at a plywood deck.

Plywood fore deck-(Meranti Mar Ply)-coated w/epoxy
This will be sanded & varnished.

Frd. compartment - casting platform
12 mm meranti - stiffeners are being added to support the hatch.

Gluing down a plywood fore deck
Strips are used to hold the deck flush while the glue sets.

M-18-V builders scale model

Scale Model
A builders scale model is a great tool. Anyone building a skiff should consider building one. I use a scale of 1/8" = 1" , this is a good size and it will help you work out  anything that you may want to change. Plywood from an old hollow core door is a good thickness and a piece of 1/4" ply will be good  for the transom.

side deck
Center Console

Center console
Yes a skiff with a center console! - Not everyone will use their skiff for hauling pots or raking quahogs. - A boat equipped with a center console is more comfortable underway and will give a more secure feel  in a chop. The central location helps balance the weight.

Oak bit and bronze pin - w/a 1" plywood backup .
Plywood side deck.

Decks on Chog and Mummichog skiffs are structural. Laminated 3/4 X 3/4 strips or plywood can be used for decks. Plywood decks take less time to build and uses up some leftover plywood .

A drawing of this simple guide appears on the link to- www.chogboats.com . Look under technical - skiff-scarfs.

Table saw scarf
using a guide to cut a scarf on a table saw -(see scarfing jig) at - www.chogboats.com

Seat for all 16' & 18' skiffs
Drawings are available now.

New stuff coming !  A     -   C16 - utility - (basic) is finished.   It is a utility or UTE , no center console or frills.  This  boat is being built for spec, only the best materials were used, anyone interested in this skiff or one like it, should  send a note. The price will be posted soon. A raw  (unpainted ) version will also be offered.  ----- Email or call for pricing.
More coming -(pics)

C-16 clam skiff

A new utility version of the C-16
Built of merranti marine ply
mahogany and white oak
W/Bow and stern bits

C 16 under construction 2010
Available spring 2010

Free Plans
Plans for the M-12 are
available (free) to - School shop programs , Boy scouts and other non profit groups.  - Send request on school or other letter head; only regular mail will be given consideration.
Send request to
Jerry Mathieu
Westport, MA. 02790