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About Me

This page is a work in progress.  Thank You.

A long story short

This could be a long story. I was raised on a chicken farm, - where we built or repaired just about everything we owned. - I had a bike shop at 12, and built my first wooden (hull) boat at 13; - a bicycle boat (with paddle wheels). A sheet of marine ply cost $7.00 at the time, so it was a small boat, but a start.-- --- I have been interested in Westport style skiffs for over 35 years. The evolution to tape seam epoxy construction seemed like a good choice. - The original 2 and 3 board skiffs are great boats, but need many hours of maintenance every year. The Chog skiffs evolved directly from a Westport 3 board 18 footer, and was transformed to tape seam plywood construction.

Days end


End of another great day at "Boat Beach" .

My boat

Hoki Poki +2

This is my personal boat. It's a Tracy Obrien designed D-19, built by JMCS in the winter of 1999 - 2000. It has a center console, and is powered by an 05 Suzuki DF 70, it cruises at 23 to 26 mph and tops at 34. The fuel mileage is between 7 & 8 mpg. - It has been stretched to 21'5" in the spring of 2005 - (just cut it off and added a piece) - (shown in the 21' length)  -  It's been a real good boat, both as a 19' and stretched to 21'- and serves us well.  - The Mummichog 18V was not born, when the Hoki Poki was built.   I intend on building a special version of the M18V for my own use.  J.M.

Boats -- ?


History of the World Part 2 - Used Cars - Blues Bros.- Fargo - Bull Durham.


Stuff from "Weird Al Yankovich" - Spike Jones - Gyles - sound track from  "Up in Smoke" - and nothing from Neil Young...
Almost any fish. - seeds, grains, and granola  :  yeah rite! 


C-16 clam skiff

A new utility version of the C-16
Built of merranti marine ply
mahogany and white oak
W/Bow and stern bits

C 16 under construction 2010
Available spring 2010

Free Plans
Plans for the M-12 are
available (free) to - School shop programs , Boy scouts and other non profit groups.  - Send request on school or other letter head; only regular mail will be given consideration.
Send request to
Jerry Mathieu
Westport, MA. 02790