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Custom Plywood Skiffs

Mummichog 18 V
M 18 V built by Tom Mello Westport Ma.

This website is all about skiffs.  ---  Just skiffs. --- No plastic, no fiberglass,   only simple plywood boats.

Chog and Mummichog skiffs are my interpretation of the "Westport Skiff" but built with plywood and epoxy. - The Westport work skiffs are known for their subtle flair and the graceful sheer line. - All the boats on these pages were designed by Jerry Mathieu and friends. - Building plans are available for all models. - - - The Mummichog 12 is an easy to build skiff-tender that can be rowed or powered by a 5hp outboard. - The Chog 16 and the Chog 18 are flat bottom power skiffs. - The Mummichog 16V and the Mummichog 18V are the V bottom versions of the C16 & C18. --- Based in Westport, Massachusetts, a town with a long history of boatbuilding. - The wooden power skiff and the people who built them were part of that history. ---  Now ; using plywood combined with epoxy, it's possible for you to build one of these fine skiffs. - The Chog and Mummichog skiffs have half the weight of the original boats, combined with high strength, and lower maintenance.        J.M.            

Chog 18
Chog 18 w/a center console

A-Mummichog-16 V
15' 3" X 6' will take up to 30 hp.

Easy to build - Easy to row!

M 18 V built by Tom Mello ---- Nice!
Ready for launch - 2008

 All new large capacity V bottom skiff.  ---  At 18'2" with a beam of  6'8" and a 9 degree deadrise, -  hard chine & plywood composite bottom .   -  This skiff will take outboards 40 to 90 hp.
Chog & Mummichog skiffs can be custom built to order

All boats are built from marine plywood and only marine ply should be used.  -  The use of quality materials throughout is strongly reccommended. - All skiffs execpt the M12 use 3/8 - 9mm for the side thickness. Bottoms are built up using two layers of plywood up to 1" ie 1/2" + 1/2" on  flat bottom skiffs, and up to 3/4" - 3/8" + 3/8", on V bottom boats. Transoms are doubled 3/4" for 11/2" as std. and optional 2" thick, made from doubled 1" marine. plywood. - With a heavier bottom, and a thicker  transom, a skiff will have a better feel underfoot .  Jerry Mathieu

C-16 clam skiff

A new utility version of the C-16
Built of merranti marine ply
mahogany and white oak
W/Bow and stern bits

C 16 under construction 2010
Available spring 2010

Free Plans
Plans for the M-12 are
available (free) to - School shop programs , Boy scouts and other non profit groups.  - Send request on school or other letter head; only regular mail will be given consideration.
Send request to
Jerry Mathieu
Westport, MA. 02790