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Limited Edition pin set/5 lunchbox shaped pins - #355/1000
 -1950 has Charlie Brown pitching with Snoopy sitting down
 -1960 has Snoopy laying on stomach reading a book
 - 1970 hasSnoopy & Woodstock throwing football
-  1980 has Snoopy tipping baseball cap to Charlie Brown on the mound
-  1990 has Snoopy snowboarding

Limited Edition pin set/5 stocking shaped pins - #73/1000
 - 1950 has Snoopy sitting in snow
 - 1960 has Snoopy sitting on red stocking
 - 1970 has Snoopy sitting on blue stocking
 - 1980 has Snoopy as Santa ringing a bell
 - 1990 has Snoopy in Santa suit

Set/4 pins - Snoopy, Charlie Brown, & Lucy

Charlie Brown - First Night, Santa Rosa
Snoopy for President - movee button displays Snoopy For President and Snoopy dancing
Snoopy for President - 3"     (left)
Snoopy for President - 1 3/4"    (left)
Snoopy for President   (right)

Snoopy Astronaut  "I'm on the moon!"     (Simon Simple)

Snoopy & Charlie Brown playing baseball    (Simon Simple)

Snoopy  "Big man on campus!"    (Simon Simple) - available in pink or red


Snoopy dancing  "To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only pure art form!"   (Simon Simple)

Snoopy golfing; Charlie Brown  "Good Grief!!"    (Simon Simple)

Snoopy Legionnaire  "Here's Beau Snoopy of the Foreign Legion marching across the desert"   (Simon Simple)

Linus  "I believe in statehood, countrhood, cityhood, and neighborhood!"   (Simon Simple)

Snoopy Flying Ace on doghouse  "Curse You, Red Baron!"    (Simon Simple)

Snoopy on CB radio  "Ten-four, Good Buddy!"

Snoopy Joe Cool  "Official Student"

Woodstock Bird Watcher - available at Snoopy's Gallery to honor the "Woodstock Around Town" event

Knott's Joe Cool Summer 1996    $3

Knott's Joe Cool's Beach Party    $3

Knott's - Snoopy skateboarding    $2

Knott's - Snoopy Joe Cool    $2

Knott's - Snoopy, Woodstock, P.Patty, Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown    $2

Beaglefest V "Christmas In July" (1997)    $3

"Let's Party" - Snoopy & Woodstock   (Hallmark)    $2

Linus    $2

Joe Cool - square button with black/white checkered pattern    $2

Snoopy hugging Woodstock "You're Sweet"  (Hallmark) $5

Met Life - Snoopy & Woodstock birds in raft   "Life jackets...they float.  You don't."  (bottom, left)  

Snoopy hugging Woodstock   "Love"

"Nests are best" - Woodstock sitting in nest in tree  

"Love me" - Snoopy sitting with hearts     (picture, middle row right) SOLD

Snoopy & Woodstock  "I'll Do It Tomorrow"

Snoopy & Woodstock Beaglescouts in canoe - Camp Snoopy
  • Snoopy hugging Woodstock   (left)
  • Snoopy & Woodstock Beaglescouts in canoe "Camp Snoopy"   (right)   SOLD
Simon Simple - set/9 includes Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Patty, Pig Pen, Schroeder, Shermy, Snoopy, and Violet  
Hallmark - Snoopy in safari hat holding heart on a long pole 

Woodstock "Party Animal"   (small crease)


Snoopy wearing pin of himself  (small tear)


Snoopy & Woodstock  "Try To Understand Me"   (discoloration)


Snoopy dancing  (not licensed)

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