Adler PE122 - Snoopy Hot Air Balloon with Charlie Brown riding in the basket    MIB    $22

Adler PE125 - Flying Machine Snoopy
    Snoopy hot air ballon with Charlie Brown in basket & Woodstock on planet Earth rotate around in circles     MIB    $40

Aviva balance bar with Snoopy, Lucy & Charlie Brown   
Aviva metal wagon with Charlie Brown sitting in it     Near mint - no box   $10

Aviva metal wagon with Snoopy & Woodstock - no box   $10

Aviva metal  Charlie Brown on skateboard   $4

Aviva Snoopy in bathrub  (like new)   $5

Aviva Woodstock in ice cream truck    $3

Aviva wind-up toy - Snoopy cook flips the food in the pan when wound up   $25

Aviva wind-up toy - Snoopy boxer    $25 

Aviva wind-up toy - Snoopy beating drum   $25

Aviva push toy - Snoopy delivery man     $20

Aviva toys set/4    $10
  • Snoopy in airplane  
  • Snoopy driving doghouse car
  • Snoopy driving tow truck
  • Peanuts gang in car (missing left front wheel)

Aviva toy - Snoopy Flying Ace doghouse   $4

Beanie Bandz - Peanuts collection of character shapes - pack/12      $3

Bubble Buddies - Snoopy Joe Cool   Mint   $2
    (no liquid included)

Bubble Buddies - Linus with blanket     Mint   $2
   (no liquid included)

Bubble Gum dispenser - Charlie Brown standing by mailbox   (like new)   $5

Cartooning - History from Schulz on various characters; each sheet contains comic strips and various exercises on How To Draw the Peanuts Gang (8.5" x 14" sheets)
 $1/each  or $10/complete set

Character identification is very important - background on how Schulz identified certain characters

Practice drawing new clothing designs on Charlie Brown, Linus, Schroeder, & Sally     

I could not please many of the readers - characters that don't appear in the strip (adults, cat next door)

Practice drawing Miss Othmar

I cut the circles in half - how Schulz drew Linus & Lucy's eyes

Practice drawing expressions on various character faces

It was a neat little tale, and one of which I was proud - story of  Charlie Brown seeing a baseball rise instead of the sun and subsequent rash on his head

Write or draw your own favorite story or strip

Cartooning, after all, is simply good design - Schulz's inspiration in how to draw cartoons

Practice drawing an object as it appears to you; then cartoon the same object

I filled my paper with little drawings - Schulz memory of drawing in class

Practice drawing objects in groups of three

Charlie Brown's personality goes in several directions - Schulz comments on Charlie Brown's personality

Describe the different characters pictured; who is your favorite & why?  What character is the most like you?

There is a real friendship there - Schulz comments on Peppermint Patty & Marcie

Describe the characters pictures; why is your favorite?  why?  What character is the most like you?  why?

Rain is fun to draw - Schulz comments on drawing rain and lines

Practice drawing rain

My first job was doing freelance lettering - Schulz remembers job after the war

Practice lettering from a strip with Lucy

I could not please many of the readers - characters that don't appear in the strip (adults, cat next door)

Practice drawing Charlie Brown's father

I could not please many of the readers - characters that don't appear in the strip (adults, cat next door)

Practice drawing the little red-haired girl

I could not please many of the readers - characters that don't appear in the strip (adults, cat next door)

Practice drawing the cat next door

Charlie Brown Action Toy playing baseball     No Box     $20
Charlie Brown in hammock in doghouse with pop-open lid    Mint    $10

Clappers - look like a hand; shake and they clap together  $4/pair

Colorform - Lucy's Winter Carnival - couple pcs missing -Good    $12

Die Cast Airplane by ESCI (Italy)   box looks like Snoopy's Garage    MIB   $45
Die Cast Cars - Home Depot Tony Stewart Great Pumpkins Cars set/2     MIP    $15  

Die Cast Car - Jeff Gordon race car    MIP    $20

Die Cast Car - Home Depot - Charlie Brown, Snoopy, & Linus in pumpkin patch    MIP    $25
Die Cast Car - Home Depot - Linus in the pumpkin patch   MIP     $25

Die Cast 1:64 Car with hood magnet - Bill Elliott #6 - 40 Years A Charlie Brown Christmas    MIP   $12

Doodle Boards
- Snoopy & Woodstock with Doodle Boards while Charlie Brown & Lucy look on; back of board has 3 drawing games explained     $3  
- Snoopy, Woodstock, C Brown, P Patty, & Lucy flying kite against rainbow background; back of board has 3 different games to play    $3 

   Drum (Chein) - Peanuts gang around side of drum     Good    $45
Free Wheeling Action Skateboard Charlie Brown in baseball cap on yellow skateboard  MIP  $10

Free wheeling action skateboard - Snoopy & Woodstock - no box   $4

Free wheeling action skateboard - Snoopy Flying Ace - no box   $4

Free wheeling action skateboard - Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Woodstock - no box   $4

Goodie Buddie  (new in box)     $15

Great Shakes, Charlie Brown by Golden       $15

Inflatable bags

Snoopy Santa dancing with bell (with rattling ball inside) (left)     Mint        $4     SOLD
Snoopy in Santa suit by snowflake  (with rattling ball inside)   (right)   Mint        $4   

Snoopy Joe Cool sleeping on a rock (with rattling ball inside)   (left)   Mint   $4
Woodstock    SOLD

Snoopy Flying Ace (with rattling ball inside)    (left)    Mint   $4    SOLD
Snoopy Santa going down chimney     (right)   Mint   $4  

Snoopy laying on his name (yellow with rattling ball inside)   (left)    Mint   $4  
Snoopy laying on his name  (blue with rattling ball inside)    (right)    Mint    $4 


Jack-in-the-box - box itself is like new condition but music doesn't play when you wind the crank   $10

Jack-in-the-box - crank on back and Snoopy flips open from inside the doghouse (works but music in fair condition) -    $15

Spectra Star 4.5' tall x 2' wide
   Snoopy doing handstand on skateboard      $5

Magic Slate Boards
- 3 characters on each side in a different sports scene; top has Lucy & CB "I'll hold the ball CB & you kick it" Mint      $5   (picture)

Motorized Toys:
    Set/3 includes Woodstock in nest, Snoopy Flying Ace, Charlie Brown in baseball cap   MIB    $65

Movie Cassette for use with Kenner Snoopy Movie Viewer or Drive-In Theater - #12 Curse You Red Baron   MIB    $15

Pez - Woodstock 12" tall     $6

Pog Slammer Board - Charlie Brown     New     $8

Pog Slammer - Snoopy laughing     $1    (picture)
Pog Slammer - Peppermint Patty      $1    (picture)
Pog Slammers set/3 - Woodstock on Snoopy's head; Snoopy kissing Lucy; Snoopy & Linus sleeping with blanket    MIP   $5     (picture)
Pog Slammers set/3 - Lucy "Editorial Queen"; Snoopy on doghouse; Snoopy & Linus sleeping with blanket   MIP   $5    (picture)
Pog Slammers set/3 - Snoopy; Snoopy & Linus sleeping with blanket; Charlie Brown & Snoopy at baseball mound   MIP   $5    (picture)
Pogs - Snoopy with shamrock & shaleileigh  "Europe"  (blue or green)    $0.10/each   (picture)
Pogs - Snoopy Beaglescout  "North America"   (blue or green)    $0.10/each    (picture)
Pogs - various caps with Snoopy     $0.10/each    (picture)
Pogs - miscellaneous of Peanuts gang with psychadelic backgrounds     $0.10/each    (picture)   (picture)
Pogs - miscellaneous of Peanuts gang   $0.10/each   (picture)
Pogs - Knott's Series II - set/25 miscellaneous pogs on a board     MOC     $5

Pogs - set/6 includes Snoopy, Wdstk, C. Brown, Lucy, Linus, & P. Patty     MIP    $5   (picture)

Pound-a-ball     $35
Pull toy - Snoopy's ears twirl like a helicopter as the toy is pulled around by a string  (used)  $5  

Push puppet Snoopy - wooden    Mint    $5

Race Car (plastic) - Joe Cool in #4 green racer    Mint    $4
Race Cars (plastic)
  • Joe Cool in #8 purple racer   Mint  $4
  • Joe Cool in #9 red racer  Mint   $4

Race car - Snoopy in plastic orange or purple racer    Mint   $4
Radio - Snoopy as juke box    MIB    $35

Rubber bendable dolls 
Linus   (good)    $8
Lucy    (good)    $8

Rubber toy - Snoopy in sleigh    $3

Rubber toy - Snoopy santa    $3

Rubber toy - Snoopy santa  (shows wear)    $1

Rubber toy - Snoopy with dog dish on head    $3

Rubber toy - Snoopy in wreath     Good     $4 

Rubber toy - Snoopy jogger on tennis shoe    Fair   $1

Rubber toy - Snoopy roly poly; rocks back and forth

Snoopy All-Star Catch Mitt - velcro-covered balls are caught with catcher's mitts   MIB    $20

Snoopy in tub bubble machine - no box    Fair    $5

Snoopy Electronic Playmate - box only with instructions   $10

Snoopy gumball machine    $10
    (gumballs not included)
Snoopy Pup Tent - stands approx 11" tall   Near Mint    $20

Snoopy & The Gang Top      Mint    $20

Snoopy riding motorcycle    Mint    $3
Snoopy's Scooter Shooter (Child Guidance)  Good condition; ramp cracked but still works    $40   SALE   $30
  (picture)    (picture)

Snoopy shape clock - different shapes fit into holes like a puzzle     $12

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine (from Japan)   MIB   $35

Snoopy soaper refill (for use with Snoopy soap dispenser)  $8
Snoopy soap dispenser     $15  

Snow Cone Machine    MIB    $20   
Stack-up Snoopy beaglescout    $15  

Suitcase (plastic) - 6" tall    MIP    $4

Train - Snoopy in santa hat sitting in engine; push smoke stack and it makes train sounds    Mint    $4

Whistle - Snoopy with dog dish behind back    $15

Wind-Up Snoopy Skateboarder & Ramp     MIP    $20

Wind up walker - Belle (Aviva)    MIP    $10

Wind up walker - Snoopy (Aviva)      $3

Wind up walker - Snoopy Flying Ace (Aviva)      $3

Wind up walker - Snoopy tennis player with box; doesn't work well (Aviva)      $3

Woodstock - electronic, makes chirping sounds; requires batteries
   36" coil spring attached that allows bird to bounce    $5   (non-working)

If you have any questions or would like to order something, please e-mail me at

 Susan Jensen
2202 Richmond St
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