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Snoopy & Woodstock laying on doghouse, 2 pieces, roof of doghouse lifts off
MIB - $125

Mint, no box $95
Woodstock sitting on doghouse; Snoopy sitting on ground holding heart  - plays "Maiden's Prayer"   Mint SOLD
Snoopy in black top hat & red bow tie carrying cane    Mint

Snoopy & Woodstock sitting on heart shaped box - 2 pieces   Mint, no box $95

Snoopy with hobo sack - plays "Born Free"

Snoopy in tree swing with Woodstock
   plays "Yellowbird"

Snoopy & Woodstock in crescent moon
   plays "Impossible Dream"
Snoopy dressed in party hat holding birthday cake, plays "Happy Birthday" Near Mint $45
Snoopy skiier    Mint $55   SOLD
Snoopy skiier - crack under Snoopy's jaw; unable to see unless musical is turned upside down
Snoopy & Woodstock on word "LOVE"     Mint $55
Snoopy & Woodstock laying on doghouse      Mint $55
Snoopy holding bouquet of flowers     Mint $55     

Snoopy & Woodstock wrapped in blanket with "RAH" flag; plays "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"

Lucy standing - knob missing but can still pull the lever in & out to make the musical play $175
Jewelry box - plays "Yellow Bird" - small area of picture worn off on top

Lucy at psychiatrist booth    (Mint)


Snoopy & Woodstock with flower cart; umbrella turns as music plays
  tune is "Younger Than Springtime"

Clown Capers  - Peanuts gang dressed as clowns
    plays "Be A Clown"

Snoopy clown in box decorated with colored stars; Snoopy moves up and down as music plays
   tune is "Be a Clown"  - spring mechanism on Snoopy needs some work

Snoopy  and Schroeder at piano - turns as music plays
   tune is "Beethoven's Piano Concerto"  - #2693 of 15,000

Snoopy lion tamer - Woodstock moves up and down as music plays
   tune is "Pussycat, Pussycat" - #874 of 15,000

Snoopy wearing red/green striped cap & scarf sitting next to gift wrapped with word "JOY"   Mint, no box 

Snoopy, Woodstock & Belle skating around on pond    Mint, no box SOLD
30th Anniversary - Charlie Brown & Snoopy by opened present    MIB SOLD

Snoopy & The Beaglescouts - plays "Whistle A Happy Tune"    MIB

Snoopy & The Beaglescouts - plays "Whistle A Happy Tune"  (#2819 or 15,000)  Mint with certificate, no box
Flying Ace musical mug "Chim, Chim Cher-ree" - Mint  

Snoopy on doghouse covered w/stockings "Silent Night"     MIB $125  (mint in box)

$90 (no box)

Snoopy Flying Ace on top of doghouse which is on a cloud base with "MOM" in raised letters.  Plays "It's A Small World"        Mint, no box $125

Snoopy laying on his doghouse     Mint $110

Snoopy Flying Ace sitting on dog house (wooden)

Snoopy laying on doghouse, approx 5" high, plays "Home, Sweet Home"   Near mint -  red paint wear along the bottom of the roof on one side of doghouse 


8204 Lucy pulling football away from Charlie Brown  "You've Got To Be a Football Hero"      (picture) $30
Snoopy Joe Cool & Woodstock in nest - plays "Feelin' Groovy"    (picture)
8228 Beaglescouts in canoe "Good Ol' Summertime"   (picture) $30
8230 Joe Cool Juke Box "Rock Around the Clock"   (picture) $65
8231 Peanuts gang in concert   "Linus & Lucy"   (picture) $58
8236 Snoopy & Woodstock on see-saw  "Playmates"  (picture) $38
8269 Snoopy, Lucy, & C. Brown on tree swing  "Love Makes the World Go Round"                  (picture) $48
Peanuts 50th Anniversary - plays tune "Linus & Lucy" - Snoopy across the decades around the base
    (picture)    (picture)
8357 Snoopy train engineer  "I've Been Working on the Railroad" (picture) $24
8360 Snoopy & Woodstock at cookout "Light My Fire"   (picture) $24
8361 Snoopy day dreaming of Woodstock birds  "I Dreamed a Dream"  (picture) $35


Snoopy sitting on snow-covered log as Woodstock skates in Snoopy's dog dish
   Woodstock twirls around as music plays
  tune "Love Makes the World Go Round"

Joe Cool Santa snowglobe    (water cloudy)
   plays "Let It Snow"

Schroeder & Lucy at piano "Fur Elise"   MIB  
$120  (mint in box)
$95 no box

Snoopy on doghouse snowglobe plays "Beautiful Dreamer" 

Snoopy, CB, Lucy, and Linus on carousel horses snowglobe; plays "Carousel Waltz"   No Box

Skater's Waltz snow globe, plays "Skater's Waltz"    - water a little cloudy  

Snoopy Beaglescout sleeping on tent plays "On Top of Old Smokey" 
   water evaporated out
$30 no box

Woodstock in nest on top of Snoopy's head, plays "Beautiful Dreamer" 
$75 MIB

$60 no box

Snoopy hugging Woodstock - plays "Puppy Love"   MIB  

Snoopy hugging Woodstock - plays "Puppy Love"   (no box)   

Snoopy laying in dog dish, plays "I'm Sitting on Top of the World"    MIB    


Snoopy typing on top of dictionary, plays "Nine to Five" - mint, no box

Snoopy Flying Ace - plays "It's a Long Long Way to Tipperary"  
$75 MIB

$55 no box

Snoopy leaning over roof of doghouse, plays "Home Sweet Home"   MIB

Joe Cool Scholar with books/apple, plays "Chariots of Fire" 
$75  MIB  SOLD

$60 no box

#9310 Snoopy Beaglescout plays "Climb Every Mountain"    MIB  
$75    1.3

Snoopy baseball player - plays "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"   (MIB)

Snoopy hockey player - plays "Looks Like We Made It"    (MIB)

Snoopy & Woodstock in blue t-bird convertible     Mint, no box
   plays the tune "Puppy Love"
Snoopy playing golf  plays "Say A Little Prayer"    MIB

Snoopy playing golf  plays "Say A Little Prayer"     mint, no box

Snoopy & Wdstk decorating Xmas tree "We Wish You A Merry Xmas"  MIB  
Woodstock pulling Snoopy in sleigh waterglobe    MIB      $85 

CB, Snoopy, Wdstk on toboggan  -  Mint, no box - plays "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" -  plays a little slow but works fine 

CB, Snoopy, Wdstk on toboggan  -  Mint, no box - plays "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" -  plays a little slow but works fine  $55
1991 Xmas, Snoopy & Wdstk on sled plays "We Wish You A Merry Xmas"   MIB 
Snoopy & Wdstk decorating tree & doghouse plays "We Wish You A Merry Xmas"  MIB    $75

Snoopy Joe Surfer - plays "Feelin' Groovy"     MIB

Lucy holding football, base reads "Trust Me"  - plays "The Impossible Dream"   Mint, no box

Woodstock band revolves around Snoopy band leader
   plays tune "When the Saints go Marching In"

Peanuts Collector's Club Musical - Beaglefest 1993 - Snoopy & Wdstk reading newsletter   MIB 


Peanuts gang Christmas scene - in wooden box; lid lifts to play the tune "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"
   approximately 7" wide


4.1 lbs

Peanuts gang baseball scene - in wooden box; lid lifts to play the tune  "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

4.1 lbs


ANA Musical - Snoopy on snowboard    Mint
Musical double picture frame - Snoopy & Woodstock   MIB $55
Snoopy as a drum major "dances" when musical is played     Mint $75
Snoopy with guitar on moon; Woodstock flying around - jewelry box   MIB
Snoopy Flying Ace jewelry box      MIB $75
Snoopy Flying Ace crank music box    Mint $30     SOLD
Schroeder holding piano     MIB   
$75     SOLD
Snoopy laying on Linus with blanket raised on blue plastic jewelry box  (play "Memories")   Mint    $55
Musical Keychains - Woodstock or Snoopy in bow tie    Mint   
Snoopy & Woodstock with bouquets of flowers   MIB  
Snoopy laying in dog dish  - 2" (far right)    MIB $25
Snoopy & Woodstock on doghouse (plastic); roof lifts on hinge   Mint $55     SOLD

Snoopy & Woodstock laying on doghouse     MIB $70



     Trinket box - Snoopy with musical notes, plays "Swan Lake"    Mint


Snoopy & Woodstock in flower border jewelry box; plays "Love Story"    (mint in box)


Waterglobe - Snoopy wind surfing   MIB $35

Waterglobe - Snoopy skiing   MIB SOLD
Snoopy conductor silver jacket    MIB $75

Snoopy conductor pink jacket     MIB $75

#6581 CB & Snoopy Autumn Leaves musical waterglobe - plays "Everything is Beautiful"   (Q1) MIB  - 3 lb shipping weight
CB & Snoopy on doghouse musical waterglobe - plays "You've Got a Friend"   MIB SOLD

  • Snoopy artist painting Woodstock  (Q1)
  • Charlie Brown & Lucy at the psychiatric booth    (Q1)
  • Snoopy & Charlie Brown golfing
  • Snooopy & the Beaglescouts  (Q1)


Snoopy & Wdstk on doghouse with CB, Lucy, & Linus, Lucy & Charlie Brown on base waterball musical - plays "White Christmas"  MIB $35

Peanuts resin magnetic music box skating scene - plays "Let It Snow"   MIB $55

Snoopy Santa checking his list of names - plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"   MIB

Charlie Brown taking photo of Woodstock - plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"   MIB $35

Peanuts gang waiting in line to see Santa Snoopy - MIB
   plays Santa Claus is Coming To Town",  tree lights up;   8 1/4" tall

San Francisco Music Box - Woodstock pulls Snoopy on doghouse - plays a Christmas medley; working lights,  4.5" high    New in box - requires 2 hearing aid type batteries, not included $25

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy & Woodstock in waterglobe present   (new in box)   requires 2 hearing aid type batteries, not included

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy, Woodstock & Charlie Brown on see-saw ornament  - plays "Christmas Medley" New in box - requires 2 hearing aid type batteries, not included $25

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy & Woodstock in party  hats on doghouse; 50th anniversary celebration   MIB

San Francisco Music Box - Charlie Brown musical ornament in santa suit by Christmas tree that lights up; plays a Christmas medley.  New in box - requires 2 hearing aid type batteries, not included $25

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy in nightshirt holding candle with Woodstock; 9 1/4" high, plays "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"; animated, Snoopy's head rocks back & forth     MIB

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy & Woodstock in chimney, plays "Santa Claus is Coming To Town";  Snoopy's head moves as music plays;   12" tall   MIB $65

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy elf painting toy   MIB

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy & Woodstock riding in sleigh; 9" high, plays "Here Comes Santa Claus"; animated rocks back & forth

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy laying on doghouse; waterglobe with Woodstock birds around Christmas tree that lights up and revolves; 10" high, plays "O Tannenbaum"     MIB

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy & Woodstock on see-saw on top of doghouse; plays Jingle Bell Rock"; 8 3/4" tall; see-saw moves up/down   MIB

San Francisco Music Box - Snoopy sitting with present   MIB


San Francisco Music Box waterball - Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Woodstock caroling by lamppost - plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

Snoopy kissing Lucy snowglobe - Aauugh!  Dog germs!  I've been touched by dog lips!   plays "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"   6" tall   MIB

San Francisco Music Box - Peanuts gang around Christmas tree; 7.5" high; plays "Deck The Halls; words revolve inside the base    MIB

50 Years of Peanuts Fun Golden Celebration Waterglobe - Limited Edition 5,000;  - plays "Linus and Lucy" theme   MIB


A Charlie Brown Christmas  (QC-2)  MIB $25

A Charlie Brown Christmas - 40th anniversary of the Christmas TV special (QC-2)  MIB   (3.8 lbs shipping weight)

Peanuts gang carrying CB on shoulders - plays "Linus & Lucy"  MIB



Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Woodstock decorating pathetic tree  (from Roman, Inc) - plays "Oh Christmas Tree"
  made of natural wood


Department 56 (D56) 56.59091 snow globe musical Snoopy Wins First Prize - plays the tune "O Tannenbaum"
   (antennae on Snoopy's roof shows some rust)   (5.1 lbs shipping weight)

Applause Plush Snoopy Musical - blue     Mint $35

Charlie Brown & Snoopy crank music box    Mint $25

Marcie & Flying Ace crank music box    Mint $25

Jewelry/trinket box - Snoopy, Woodstock & Charlie Brown "Good Night"     Mint 

Jewelry/trinket box - Snoopy in red bow tie dancing with Woodstock amidst musical notes that look like paw prints.  Music plays when lid opened.    MIB

no music
Jewelry/trinket box - heart-shaped picture of Snoopy & Woodstock laying on 'LOVE" quilt  (new in box)

no music Jewelry/trinket box - heart-shaped picture of Snoopy laying across Charlie Brown's lap
Peanuts gang rides on carouself that plays 25 Xmas carols and 25 non-Xmas songs  (Mr. Christmas)  MIB 

Peanuts snow globe - presence activated; plays 15 Christmas carols
   snow automatically starts falling when music plays
   from Mr. Christmas     MIB

Plush Snoopy musical from Knickerbocker    Mint $25

Snoopy resting on pillow with Woodstock pictured on pillow

Snoopy & Woodstock musical scene picture frame   MIB

Snoopy's 50th Anniversary - Beaglefest 2000    MIB

Plush-like Snoopy in pink body suit with yellow booties - unknown tune; has loop on top of head to allow for haning  (3" tall)    MIB

Beaglefest V, 1997 - Christmas In July;  Ltd Ed 500     MIB
choice of songs:
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Silver Bells

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