Set/5 Mugs
  - Jolly Holiday
  - Christmas Snoopy (skating)
  - Jingle All The Way
  - Joy To The World (Woodstock)
  - Santa's Little Helper Woodstock

1976 Christmas stein - Woodstock pulling Snoopy in sleigh       (picture) $25

1977 Christmas stein - Snoopy & CB look on as Wdstk puts star on tree Mint  

Merry Christmas 1977 - Lucy, Snoopy, Wdstk, Sally, CB   Mint with box  

1978 Xmas stein - Snoopy as santa in front of fireplace  (picture, right)    Mint
1981 Xmas stein - Gang in reindeer antlers (picture, left)    Mint       


Merry Christmas 1978 - gang dressed as elves     (hairline crack)   (picture) $8

1979 Xmas stein - Snoopy sits inside a wreath (color faded)   

1979 Xmas stein - Snoopy sits inside a wreath    Mint         (picture) $25

1980 Xmas stein - Snoopy on doghouse w/present  

Gang around Christmas tree  (4.5" tall)

Lucy, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Woodstock outdoors around Xmas tree  (4.5" tall)

Joy To The World Woodstock

    Snoopy opening present that has a nest for Woodstock

XM14 Woodstock blowing horn standing on present held by Snoopy
   "Peace on Earth"

XM15 Snoopy standing by decorated Christmas tree

XM16 Snoopy holding present

XM17 Charlie Brown with present & Snoopy  "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

XM18 Snoopy laying by Christmas tree and Charlie Brown in santa hat    "Home For The Holidays"

Woodstock decorating Snoopy & his doghouse with lights

Snoopy santa ringing bell - Universal Studios Japan

Woodstock birds pulling Snoopy santa on doghouse sleigh

Snoopy Santa ringing Woodstock bell

Woodstock pulling Snoopy in sleigh

Milkglass - Snoopy with wreath  "NOEL"


Charlie Brown opening present with Snoopy & Woodstock inside

Macy's Parade 1987 - Snoopy balloon


Baseball - Charlie Brown  "All Star Most Valuable Player"

Saki set/2 cups (Determined Products) features Charlie Brown in base scenes in cardboard display box    Mint $20

Baseball - Snoopy "Home Run King"  (minor chip)

Baseball - Snoopy signing autographs  "It's Great To Be a Superstar"

Baseball - Snoopy tipping his hat

Baseball - Snoopy in multiple scenes - Woodstock pitches, Snoopy hits, then "Home Run King"

Baseball - Snoopy & Charlie Brown  "Spring Training"  (MIB)

Baseball - Peanuts gang around insulated cup - water within the insulation is discolored

Basketball - Snoopy & Spike shooting hoops 

Basketball - Snoopy & Spike shooting hoops  (MIB)

Bicycling - Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy on bike

Bowling - Snoopy "Strike"

Football - Snoopy running the ball as Woodstock blocks  "Touchdown"

Football - Snoopy & Woodstock  "There's always that chance we might not even get invited to the Rose Bowl"

Football - Snoopy throwing, running the ball  (MIB)

Golf - Snoopy golfer with Woodstock caddy  "You're Away"

Golf - Snoopy leaning on club  "You're Away"

Golf - Snoopy & Woodstock carrying clubs  "I hate playing with a good loser!"

Hockey - Snoopy with hocky stick  "10th Anniversary" 
   back reads "Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament 1984"

Hockey - Snoopy standing with hockey stick
   back reads "Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament 1987"

Hockey - Snoopy driving zamboni  "Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament 1992"

Hockey - 1993 Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament - Santa Rosa, CA

Hockey - Snoopy catching the puck  "Snoopy's 21st Senior World Hockey Tournament 1995"

Jogging - Snoopy & Woodstock in multiple scenes   "Jogging Hound"

Jogging - Snoopy "Jogging Is My Thing"

Jogging - Snoopy in jogging poses

Rafting - Snoopy & Woodstock birds in rubber raft

Skating - Snoopy on ice, blue background

Skiing - Snoopy & Woodstock on ski lift

Skiing - Snoopy on the slopes 

Skiing - Snoopy carrying skis over shoulder with Woodstock following  "Ski Champion"

Skiing - Snoopy & Woodstock  "Okay Girls!  Here I Come!"

Soccer - Snoopy "Soccer King"

Soccer - Snoopy & Woodstock kicking soccer ball

Tennis - Snoopy & Woodstock  "Anyone need an opponent for singles... a fourth for doubles... a guest for lunch?"

Tennis - Snoopy & Woodstock 

Tennis - Snoopy getting ready to serve  "My Serve"

Weighlifting - Snoopy with barbells


California - Snoopy at the beach

GM21 Chicago - Woodstock blowing past Snoopy in the wind

has cart button

Florida - Snoopy & Woodstock at the beach

Los Angeles - Snoopy & Woodstock headed to the beach

New Orleans - Mardi Gras


New York - Snoopy as Statue of Liberty

New York - Snoopy & Woodstock out on the town

New York - Snoopy & Woodstock dancing with top hat & canes

Philadelphia - Lucy sewing the flag as patriots Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Woodstock help


San Francisco - Snoopy & Woodstocks on cable car

Texas - Snoopy & Woodstock cowboys

Texas - Snoopy with lasso, Woodstock on other side with lasso shaped like a star

Washington D.C. - Snoopy & Woodstocks at the White House


Snoopy laying on #10

Snoopy laying on #15 $8

Snoopy laying on #30 $8

Snoopy laying on #46 $8

Snoopy laying on #88 $8


GM2 60th Anniversary - Linus $7

GM5 Snoopy & Linus playing poker
"Don't Call My Bluff"
$3 - chipped handle

GM6 Charlie Brown & Woodstock in chair
"Mr. Couch Potato"

GM7 Linus  "This is the new improved thumb"

GM8 Snoopy  "A dog's whole life is ridiculous"

GM9 Charlie Brown  "My dog didn't eat my homework he wrote it!"

GM10 I Hate People Who Sing In The Morning


5" tall, 4.5" diameter mug - Snoopy Joe Cool with Woodstock birds, Lucy pulling football away from Charlie Brown

GM13 Beagle Bay Outfitters - Snoopy as beaglescout  (Q2)  Mint     

GM14 Beaglescouts - Snoopy on tent   (Willitts)    Mint   

GM15 Cappacino mug - Snoopy diving into cup of coffee - "Camp Snoopy's Coffee House"

  • Celebration mini stein - gang with background of confetti & streamers    Mint   
  • Celebration mini mug - gang with background of confetti & streamers     Mint  

GM17 Celebration large stein - gang with background of confetti & streamers (6" tall)  Mint      (picture) $15

GM18 Celebration mug - personalized with name "Catherine"   Mint       (picture) $5

GM19 Charlie Brown  "Good Grief"   MIB

GM20 Charlie Brown  "I hate to see the sun go down; I've wasted another day!"


Color-changing mug - Snoopy & Woodstock; full picture revealed when filled with hot water

GM23 Fireking Mug - - Snoopy sitting by dog dish  "I hate it when it snows on my french toast"   (handle repaired)

GM24 Fishing - Snoopy & boys fishing out of dog dish 
   "Find a good spot, and everyone else moves in!"

GM25 Gee, Somebody Cares - Snoopy hugging Woodstock - white mug with red heart

Gee, Somebody Cares - Snoopy hugging Woodstock -
red with white heart

GM26 Happy Birthday - Belle, Woodstock, Spike, Lucy, Charlie Brown & Snoopy at birthday party     Mint     (picture, right) $10

GM27 Happy Mother's Day - Snoopy chef with cake & Woodstock with flowers   (mint in box)

GM29 I Love You - Woodstock birds in heart shape around Snoopy

GM30 Junk Food
 - Snoopy Joe Cool leaning on doughnut
- Snoopy sitting by cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow    Mint      

GM31 Junk Food Mug - Snoopy laying by piece of chocolate cake

Junk Food Mug - Snoopy sitting by cherry pie

GM32 Junk Food Mug (4.5") - Snoopy "One of the great joys of life is scarfing down junk food!"   Mint   

Junk Food Mug - Snoopy "One of the great joys of life is...scarfing down junk food" 

GM33 Lucy, CB, Snoopy & Wdstk around Xmas tree    Mint       (picture, right) $15

GM36 Musical mug - gang members with instruments on large mug with background of musical notes   Mint           (picture) $30


 My Mug - Snoopy as the Boss talking on the phone to Woodstock

GM39 Peanuts gang in different frames    MIB    

GM40 Peanuts gang at Camp Snoopy amusement park    Mint     

GM41 Peanuts gang against red,white, & black background (Benjamin Medwin)  Mint     (picture, left) $5

    Peppermint Patty & Marcie (Benj/Medwin) Mint


GM46 Snoopy Beaglescout - Knott's Berry Farm riding the Sidewinder   Mint

Snoopy & Woodstock at the beach  "California"

Snoopy & Woodstock  'Bon Appetit"


 Snoopy, Charlie Brown, & Woodstock mug    Mint 

Matching Bowl - faces of Lucy, Sally, Woodstock, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, & Linus  (approx 5" across x 3" deep)   Mint   $10     (picture)


GM49 Snoopy & Woodstock  "I hate people who sing in the morning" - small expresso mug 2.5" tall  

GM50 Snoopy & Woodstock laying on doghouse   MIB

GM51 Snoopy & Friends - Flying Ace with Charlie Brown    Mint

GM52 Snoopy & Woodstock tennis "Anyone need an opponent for singles... a fourth for doubles... a guest for lunch?"     Mint        (picture, left) $10

GM53 Snoopy kissing Lucy - 2 piece mug with lid     Mint 

GM55 Snoopy limo driver with Woodstock in top hat/cane        (picture, left) $8

GM56 Snoopy Safari

GM57 Snoopy skiing    Mint     (picture) $8

GM58 Snoopy skiing
"Okay girls, here I come!"


Snoopy & Woodstock on ski lift

GM59 Snoopy soccer king - 3 different panes     Mint      (picture, right) $8

GM60 Snoopy surrounded by hearts  "To know me is to love me"    Mint   

GM61 Snoopy waving

GM62 Snoopy with stacks of cookies  "Cookie Break"

GM73 Snoopy profile on yellow background  (Zak's Designs)

GM63 Soda mug - Snoopy soda jerk     Mint       

GM64 Superstar - Joe Cool in front of star - approximately 3" diameter    chip on rim    

Tennis mug with Snoopy & Woodstock    Mint          (picture, right) $8

GM66 This Has Been a Good Day      small chip on rim          (picture, right) $7

GM67 To The Bunny Slopes - cappacino mug - crazing    (picture) $25

GM69 Woodstock carrying Snoopy in diaper  - large (hairline crack)
     or small size 


Woodstock in a flying accident    MIB  (Treasure Craft)



Snoopy & Woodstock dancing, 4.5" tall (Hallmark) - 12 available

PCG2 Snoopy dancing, 4.5" tall ( Hallmark) - 1 available

PCG3 Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy & Woodstock eating ice cream & cupcakes - has red lid with straw (6" tall)    MIB     

PCG4 Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Linus & Sally writing letters - has blue lid with straw  (6" tall)   MIB     

PCG5 Be My Valentine!   Snoopy & Woodstock
    press button on bottom of cup to light up

PCG6 Snoopy & Woodstock in Christmas scene    Mint     

PCG7 Sport cup (6" tall) with lid/straw - Peanuts gang in the woods      Mint 
Sport cup (6" tall) with lid/straw - Peanuts gang with confetti - Celebrating 45 years - Beaglefest IV   Mint  

PCG8 Knott's Camp Snoopy 10th Anniversary coffee cup    Mint    
Knott's Camp Snoopy 10th Anniversary stein    Mint

PCG9 Knott's Camp Snoopy cup    Mint        (picture) $4

PCG10 Woodstock serving dinner to Snoopy on one side; Snoopy & Woodstock with french bread on the other side    Mint       

PCG11 Charlie Brown reading newspaper to Snoopy    

PCG12 Lucy reading newspaper to Charlie Brown & Snoopy - comes with lid       

PCG13 Training cup with handles  - Charlie Brown, Lucy & Snoopy   MIB       

Snoopy & Woodstock wearing baseball caps & sneakers - comes with lid    

Thermal coffee mug - Camp Snoopy Coffee House
   Snoopy diving into cup of coffee

Thermal mug - Snoopy & Woodstock "I hate it when it snows on my french toast!"   

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