3-D Pictures - instructions in Japanese on how to cut the paper to make a 3-D picture -
   -   Snoopy writing letter, reading a book, & talking on telephone   MIP    $5    (picture)
   -  Snoopy & Beaglescouts    MIP    $5    (picture)
   -  Lucy, Charlie Brown, & Sally hugging Snoopy    MIP   $5    (picture)

Album with 20 clear plastic pages - (5" x 7.5")     MIP     $10    (picture)

A&W Root Beer Cans (empty)    (picture)

Autograph Book (hardcover) - Snoopy & Woodstock archeologists     MIP   $15     (picture)


rattle - shaped like apple with mirror in middle; Snoopy/Wdstk on top - no box, good condition     $2  (picture, left)

rattle - shaped like Snoopy's head with a mirror in his ear    $2    (picture)
quilt - 42" x 30" - Snoopy dancing in front of doghouse     Mint    $40     (picture)
Crib headboard pad - Snoopy in front of dog house     Mint     $25     (picture)
Playpen block  (new in package)      $10   (picture)
Teething ring   $2   (used, good condition)   (picture)

Bag, paper - Charlie Brown in baseball cap  (8" x 10")   Mint    $2     (picture)
Bag, paper - Snoopy & Friends  (8.5" x 10.5")   Mint   $2    (picture)

Peanuts Gang      $13    (picture)
Beaglescouts      $13     (picture)

Baseball cap - Snoopy with dog dish "Don'tforget to feed the dog" - hat is designed to look like it's been played with by the dog     Mint    $10    (picture)
Baseball cap - Snoopy & Woodstock pink hat   Mint    $10    (picture)

Baseball wood cut-outs  set/7  (not licensed)     $25    (picture)   (picture)

- Snoopy hugging Woodstock - heart-shaped     $25    (picture)

Bookmark  - Charles M Schulz Museum - Peanuts gang at the museum looking at artwork (looks like engraved metal)   Mint     $10    (picture)

Book Rack - holds set of encyclopedias    MIP    $15    (picture)

Boots - has picture of Snoopy in rain coat/hat & Woodstock holding umbrella (children's size 12)  (previously worn)     $4    (picture)
Boots - has picture of Snoopy & Wdstk holding umbrellas  (choice of children's size 6 or size 3)  Mint   $5    (picture)

Bronze medal - replica of medal issued by U.S. Congress in 2000 to honor Charles Schulz; front features picture of Schulz; back has a picture of the gang which reads "Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy......How can I ever forget them?"
  - 1.5" size  Mint in case  SOLD    (picture)
  - 3" size, Mint in case    SOLD    (picture)

Bubble Gum dispenser - Snoopy on doghouse     MIP    $4     (picture)

Buttons - set/2 Snoopy smiling    $5     (picture)

Camera - Kodak Snoopy's Snapshot includes 24 roll of 110 film    MIP    $35     (picture)

Camp Snoopy plastic cup/bowl set; cup comes with lid/straw    MIP    $5

CANDY - Embroidered Candy Boxes   (MIP)    $5/each     (picture) Casette music tape - Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown!    $5    (picture)

Clips from Snoopy Town in Japan:
Coins:    SOLD
  - Collector's Edition Camp Snoopy Commemorative Coin celebrating grand opening at Minnesota's Mall of America; Ltd Ed 10,000  - coin has Snoopy & the Beaglescouts in a canoe;  includes certificate of authenticity   Mint   $20    (picture)   (picture)
  - 1995 Christmas, Ltd Ed 500 -  Snoopy santa claus ringing bell on front; Snoopy on doghouse on back    MIB    $35      (picture)

  - set/3 baseball in case (troy ounce .999 silver)  - Charlie Brown at pitcher's mound, Snoopy batting at home plate, Lucy ready to catch ball; back of all has Snoopy sleeping on doghouse "45 years"    (#419/500)  MIB    $110    (picture)
  - Snoopy catching football & Snoopy, Charlie Brown doing High-5 sign    MIB    $30   (picture)  (picture)

Computer game - Where's The Blanket Charlie Brown - 9 games within the game     (new)      $20    (picture)    (picture)

Cosmetic bag, Snoopy & Woodstock chasing butterlies in flower garden    MIP    $13    (picture)

Credit Card Holder - Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Linus & Sally on couch     Mint      $5    (picture)
Credit Card Holder - Snoopy & His Friends    (Mint)    $5     (picture)

Cup Holders for car   MIP    $20    (picture)

Deodorizer - Snoopy & Woodstock in bow ties sitting in front of doghouse   MIP   $20
Deodorizer - Woodstock in dog dish held by Snoopy in front of doghouse     MIP   $20   (picture)

Display - Timex Watches, holds up to 6 watches in the display; small tear onSnoopy's head by where it meets the doghouse   (picture)    (picture)      $30

Door sign - hangs on door nob  "Welcome Anytime"  with Snoopy & Woodstock     MIP   $2   (picture)

Drawstring Bag
  - Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Linus & Woodstock in colored squares against yellow background    (7" x 7.5")    MIP    $5    (picture)
  - Lucy against black background (5" x 5.5")    MIP    $5    (picture)

Embroidered crewel picture - Snoopy & Woodstock sitting together, framed  (13" x 15")       $25    (picture)

Enamel black box - has 3 separate boxes and lid that fit on top of each other; approx 5.5" square    Mint      $45    (picture)

Fan Pull - Snoopy Flying Ace in plane    MIB   $5     (picture)

Flip-Flops - Snoopy riding a surfboard     Mint    $5/pair    (picture)
Blue - Size Large (2-3)
   Red - Size Small (5-6)

Floor mat - shaped / picture of gang on school bus   approximately 33" x 24"     Mint     $22    (picture)

Game Boards (rubber, can be used with pogs)   (picture) - Snoopy sitting around the globe    Mint   $5

Gift card box - Snoopy, Woodstock & Charlie Brown at desk    $3    (picture)
Gift Tag (Denz) - Snoopy magician with Woodstock in hat    Mint   $1   (picture)


- Snoopy & Woodstock leaning against large snow ball - tag says fits ages 9-12 but woman's hand fits      Mint   $5    (picture)
 - Charlie Brown in baseball cap   (new)     $5   (picture)

SOLD   Golf club cover - Snoopy    Mint    $20    (picture)
SOLD   Golf club cover - Snoopy wearing golf cap with square pattern    Mint   $20    (picture)
SOLD   Golf club cover - Snoopy wearing plaid golf cap   Mint   $20    (picture)
SOLD   Golf club cover - Woodstock    Mint    $20    (picture)
Golf Balls - set/2 with Snoopy & Charlie Brown    MIB    $10    (picture)
Golf Snoopy Tee Time set - includes 4 golf tees w/pics of Snoopy or Woodstock; golf ball wtih Snoopy carrying bag of clubs; golf ball with Woodstock swinging a club; divot with Snoopy carrying bag of clubs; towel with Snoopy/Woodstock   MIP   $30    (picture)
Golf Tees with Snoopy on them in drawstring bag with Snoopy print    Mint    $10     (picture)
Zippered bag -
Snoopy carrying bag of golf clubs     $12     (picture)

Ice Cream Cones - pack/24     MIB     $7    (picture)


Lapel Pins (Snoopy Town)

Loot 'n Litter Bag - Joe Cool   (13.5" x 18.5")    $2     (picture)

  Lunch box (metal) - Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown look on at Flying Ace on doghouse   (picture)    gang looks on at Schroeder at piano   (picture);  shows quite a bit of wear and inside has rusting   (picture); includes thermos     $10
Lunch box (plastic) with chop sticks - Snoopy Superbeagle    MIP    $15     (picture)

Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft) - shaped like the characters  - great for stringing & hanging on the Christmas tree     MIB    $2    (picture)

Marbles - set/6 - Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Marcie     Mint    $25   (picture)

Megaphone (Chein) says "Head Beagle" pictures Snoopy as movie director w/ CB & Lucy looking on - shows wear     Fair      $15    (picture1)(picture2)

Mittens - Snoopy skating in front of large snowflake  child's size    New    $5    (picture)

Mobile - includes Snoopy, doghouse, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder    Mint    $20   SOLD   (picture)

Mobile - set/12 includes a sun, 3 different clouds, Linus mowing lawn, Charlie Brown b-b-queing, Sally at beach, Snoopy & Woodstock floating in innertube, Marcie at lemonade stand, Peppermint Patty playing baseball, Lucy playing tennis, Franklin with ice cream cones on skateboard;  each piece is approximately 12-15" tall; includes string to hang       Mint     $25/set      SOLD   (cbmobile)(sallymobile)(lucymobile) (snoopymobile)(franklinmobile)(ppattymobile)(linusmobile)(marciemobile)

Pails, made of paper - 4" tall x 4" diameter - $4/each     (picture)

Pajama Bags:
- Snoopy baseball player (Simon Simple) - includes pin that says "Just what a manager likes...a player who isn't bothered by tension"    Mint   $20    (picture)
- Charlie Brown dressed in pajamas (Simon Simple) - includes pin that says "You're a good man, Charlie Brown"    Mint    $20    (picture)
- Snoopy in tri-cornered hat with Woodstock "1776-1976" - includes pin that says "Happy Birthday America"    Mint   $20    (picture)

Pepsi Coasters from Japan:
Snoopy with Linus' blanket   MIP    $4 (picture, left)
Snoopy with Pawpets    MIP     $4    (picture, right)

Charlie Brown   MIP   $4    (picture)
Lucy   MIP   $4    (picture)
Woodstock   MIP   $4    (picture)
Snoopy   MIP   $4   (picture)
Snoopy Joe Cool   MIP     $4        (picture)   
Snoopy on pink base   MIP   $4    (picture)
Snoopy on white base   MIP   $4    (picture)
Charlie Brown baseball   MIP   $4   (picture)
Lucy on red base    MIP   $4    (picture)

Phone Strap - Snoopy walking   MIP    $3    (picture)

Picture frames
 - (plastic)  Snoopy thinking of a heart    $10     (picture)
 - (glass) - Snoopy with thought balloon "SIGH" - holds wallet size photo     $10     (picture)

Pin set/5 - Collector's set from QVC Ltd. Ed. #63 of 1,000 issued - CB with Xmas tree; Snoopy w/Xmas tree; Snoopy in stocking cap; Woodstock in top hat/scarf; and Snoopy santa.  Set comes in a case that has gold embossed lettering that says "Peanuts Collector's Edition" and has a picture of the gang on the lid.  Inside the lid has a small mirror.    Mint     $65    (picture)    (picture)

Pin Pals (Aviva)
- Snoopy baseball player    MIP    $20   (picture)
- Snoopy cowboy with guitar   MIP   $ 20    (picture)

Planter - Snoopy in different poses with rainbow background (plastic)    $15   (picture)    (picture)    (picture)    (picture)

Play Smock - velcro closures, pocket
    Snoopy dancing with paint brush & pallette     MIP   $20    (picture)
   Snoopy artist painting Woodstock    MIP    $20    (picture)

Pocket diary (1981) - Jan 1 starts on a Thurs - each page has a picture of Snoopy - includes pages for addresses & notes    Mint    $2     (picture)

Pog Slammer - Snoopy laughing     $1    (picture)
Pog Slammer - Peppermint Patty      $1    (picture)
Pog Slammers set/3 - Woodstock on Snoopy's head; Snoopy kissing Lucy; Snoopy & Linus sleeping with blanket    MIP   $5     (picture)
Pog Slammers set/3 - Lucy "Editorial Queen"; Snoopy on doghouse; Snoopy & Linus sleeping with blanket   MIP   $5    (picture)
Pog Slammers set/3 - Snoopy; Snoopy & Linus sleeping with blanket; Charlie Brown & Snoopy at baseball mound   MIP   $5    (picture)
Pogs - Snoopy with shamrock & shaleileigh  "Europe"  (blue or green)    $0.10/each   (picture)
Pogs - Snoopy Beaglescout  "North America"   (blue or green)    $0.10/each    (picture)
Pogs - various caps with Snoopy     $0.10/each    (picture)
Pogs - miscellaneous of Peanuts gang with psychadelic backgrounds     $0.10/each    (picture)   (picture)
Pogs - miscellaneous of Peanuts gang   $0.10/each   (picture)
Pogs - Knott's Series II - set/25 miscellaneous pogs on a board     MOC     $5

Pogs - set/6 includes Snoopy, Wdstk, C. Brown, Lucy, Linus, & P. Patty     MIP    $5   (picture)

- Peanuts on Parade - Snoopy as the beagle around town   $2    (picture)
 - Snoopy Flying Ace - from 1994 "Around the World & Home Again" exhibit    Mint    $1    (picture)

Record Tote - Joe Cool  (16.5" x 18")     $3    (picture)

Scrapbook Chipboard Embellishments - package 19    MIP   $5    (picture)

Self-adhesive hooks    $10     (picture)
Self-adhesive paper - Snoopy & Woodstock in pastel colored squares (2 yds x 18")   MIP    $5    (picture)

Shopping bag "Peanuts News"from Snoopy Town - includes profiles on each of the various Peanuts gang characters    (15.5" x 15.5")     $3    (picture)

Shoulder wallet with detachable strap & enamel key ring gift set    MIB    $12    (picture)

Silverware - fork & spoon with pictures of Lucy, Snoopy, Woodstock, & Charlie Brown on handles    MIB   $5    (picture)

Snoopy's Fan Club Kit - includes membership card, Snoopy Fan Club penant, button, 4 Beagle Bugle newsletters (Feb 1983, 2 of June 1983, Dec 1983) and certificate of membership -   $35    (picture)    (picture)   
Souvenir Spoon (pewter) - Snoopy Beaglescout - Knott's Berry Farm   MIB    $6   (picture)

Storage box cardboard (350 mm x 225 mm x 130mm)   features gang around the sides    MIP     $20   (picture)   (picture)

Stained glass
- Snoopy Joe Cool by doghouse  (plastic)   $3    (picture)
- Snoopy & Woodstock in party hats with balloons  (plastic)    $3     (picture)
- Snoopy & Wdstk in Beaglescout hats (Knotts) MIB    $20    (picture)

 - Snoopy with dog dish in mouth & Woodstock flying  (Knotts)    MIB   $15    (picture)
 - Snoopy & Woodstock walking with balloons   Mint  (AVIVA)   $45     (picture)

State Quarter Boards - frameable board that holds all 50 of the state quarters:

Sunglasses  $5     (picture)

Suspenders - Snoopy & Woodstock    $5  (picture)
Suspenders - Snoopy sitting   MIP     $5    (picture)

Telephone - push button; plugs into standard phone jack, wall mount included    $45    (picture)    (picture)
Telephone, touch tone - Snoopy & Woodstock; used but good working condition with original box  (shipping weight = 8 lbs)  $95    (picture)    (picture)

Tent sheet    $22    (picture)

Thermos - plastic with insulated cover - Snoopy & Woodstock camping    MIP    $10    (picture)


Tin plates - 2 with Schroeder's face pictured  & 1 with Freida     Fair    $5/set    (picture)

Tom Everhart - illustrated daily thoughts in spiral book "Friends Stick Together"   MIP   $12    (picture, right)
Tom Everhart - illustrated daily thoughts in spiral book "To Every Dog There Is a Season"   MIP   $12   (picture, left)

US Postal Service Supplies - issued in conjunction with Snoopy stamp 2001

Visor - Snoopy playing tennis (embroidered)    Mint    $7
Visor - Snoopy in swim suit with Woodstock     Mint    $4    (picture)
Visor - Snoopy Beaglescout - Camp Snoopy Knott's 10th Anniversary (plastic)     $5    (picture)

Wall decoration - Snoopy sitting with Woodstock with hearts on background  (approx 9.5" wide x 11" tall)   $3    (picture)

  - Snoopy & Wdstk beaglescout (Woodstock's stick broken off)    $5    (picture)
  - Macy's Snoopy jester    $15  (picture)

Water bottle (empty)  - Summer of Woodstock    $1     (picture)

Wendy's bag from children's meal - front is baseball scene; back is camping scene- $1 (picture, front) (picture, back)

Whistle - Snoopy on one side; Woodstock on the other    $5     (picture)    (picture)

Wooden Storage Boxes
Snoopy Sweet Treats - Snoopy holding dog-housed shaped cake on plate with Woodstock   MIB   (5 3/4" x 6.5" x 5 3/4")     $20    (picture)
Snoopy Sweet Treats - Snoopy & Charlie Brown holding string of hearts  - two drawers  MIB   (7.5" x  4" x 3 3/4")     $18   (picture)


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