Burger King - Snoopy Literary Ace;  push down on Snoopy's tail to dispense stickers and hear a mechanical typing sound    MIP    $4   SOLD

Burger King - Snoopy laying on piano  $4

Burger King - Daredevil Snoopy;  push button to flip out the front wheel; hear chopper noises when you push it forward       Mint, no package   $3

Burger King - Snoopy detective; push Snoopy forward and his nose moves in and out as he searches for clues   MIP   $4
Hardy's Kids Meal Toys
 - Snoopy on decorated doghouse   MIP   $4; no package $2
 - Lucy ice skating   MIP   $4   SOLD
 - Linus with Christmas tree   MIP   $4
 - Charlie Brown rolling snowball   MIP   $4

Hardy's Kids Meal Toys
 - Lucy sledding   MIP   $4

Hardy's Kids Meal Toys
 - Snoopy laying in dog dish   MIP   $4

Hardy's Kids Meal Toys
- Charlie Brown sledding   MIP   $4
     no package  $2

Hardy's Kids Meal Toys
- Linus laying on snowball   MIP   $4

Long John Silver's
 - Joe Cool Secret Agent   $3

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys:
Snoopy at caliope playing Happy Birthday song   Mint but not in original packaging   $3

McDonald's - choice of Snoopy, Lucy, Linus or Charlie Brown - $1/each

McDonald's - Farmer set/4 with Snoopy, Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown   $5  

MacDonald's Happy Meal Boxes - choice of: 

  •  Country Fair Feast   $2
  •  Field Day                  $2
  •  The Hoedown           $2
McDonald's Happy Meal Toys:
   Snoopy World Tour figure - Scotland   (MIP)    $4
Wendy's Kid's Meal Toy 
Snoopy's head with picture in back of head  - turn ears and picture changes   MIP  $3;  Mint - not in original packaging   $2
Snoopy rotates on a round blue toy - Mint - not in original packaging    $2;  MIP  $3
Snoopy's doghouse - different pictures pop up when button pushed   Mint - not in original packaging    $2    SOLD
Snoopy with moveable arms; Woodstock on head lights up   Mint - not in original packaging    $2    SOLD

Wendy's Snoopy or Charlie Brown plush from Happy Meals   MIP    $3/each

Wendy's holiday gift kit    MIP   $4
 - includes stickers, coupons, gift tags, stencil kit

Wendy's - 50th Celebration   MIP   $4

Wendy's plush Snoopy with hanging hook   MIP   $3;   mint, no package $1

Wendy's plush Woodstock with hanging hook   MIP  $3;   mint, no package $1

Wendy's Snoopy bobblehead - no package   $2

Wendy's Bags for Happy Meals - picture shows front & back of one page    Mint    $1

Wendy's Kid's Meal Display     Mint     $15

Wendy's heavy plastic sign - Snoopy at doghouse -   "Peanuts Toys Are Here!"    Mint    $5

Wendy's heavy plastic sign - Snoopy dancing -  "Peanuts Toys Are Here!"     Mint   $5
Wendy's Kids Meals sacks - $1 set/3; wrinkled but activity games can still be completed

Wendy's Kids Meals sack - red/blue two-sided   Mint    $1

Snoopy Time Capsule 2000

Snoopy calendar - goes up to 12/31/09

Woodstock sitting on top hat   SOLD

Susan Jensen
2202 Richmond St.
Santa Ana, CA  92705-7623
to purchase these items, please send inquiry to:

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