Snoopy dancing on Schroeder's piano  "It's your birthday!"
   "Now that calls for a big celebration"
   plays Linus & Lucy theme' 11" x 11"

EXTRA LARGE CARDS - 16.5" x24"

Graduate Stay as cool as your are
    and you'll go far.  happy graduation

For someone special a poster for you to color
   Up up and away on Valentine's Day

Snoopy & Woodstock at nest
   Hope this Christmas tops them all

Snoopy Easterbeagle and Woodstock
   Hope your Easter is full of nice surprises

...And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
   Pizza and root beer for everyone!  Hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

Hot chocolate by Xmas tree
   Thinking of you makes me feel all warm inside.
   Have a Merry Christmas!

How old did you say you are this birthday?
   Snoopy faints on top of doghouse = Happy Birthday


Awesome! $2

Woodstock chirping to Snoopy
   "When you need someone to talk to, and you don't know who to see,
    I can always keep a secret -- if you want, please talk to me"


Snoopy hugging Woodstock
   "Know my favorite time of day?  The time I spend with you!"


Snoopy laying on hammock
   Inside is blank and can be personalized

Snoopy artist with Woodstock sitting on easel
   Inside is blank and can be personalized

Snoopy laying on rock  "I just sent you this card because the sun was shining and the grass was green and for no other reason."
    Inside:  Except, of course, that I'm obsessed with the thought of you!"

Sally   "I bought this card with you in mind."
   Inside:  "But, of course, I had you in mind long before I bought this card!"

Charlie Brown - "I lost my recipe for birthday cake... I baked you this card instead.  Have a nice birthday anyway!"
(inside of card looks like it was baked)

Lucy  "Of course you're getting something for your birthday!
   "This card is something, isn't it?   Happy Birthday

Snoopy at typewriter on doghouse:  "Daughter - For your birthday, I started to make a list of everything I love about you!
   "Whew!   I didn't know what I was getting myself into!  Happy Birthday!"
   (long tape of paper comes out of typewriters with words - sweet, responsible, kind, gentle, funny, smart, reliable, friendly, etc.)

Snoopy in bow tie  "Having another birthday?  Don't worry.  You're not getting old."
    You're just not a puppy anymore!  Happy Birthday"

Charlie Brown to Snoopy:
  "For your birthday, my dog will do a dance in your honor!"
   "Thank you!  That was lovely!"
   "Okay, that's enough!"
Inside  "Wow!  You must be extra special!"

Lucy  "If you won't accept a kiss from me for your birthday, I'll just give you something else..."
   Inside:  "A second chance!    Happy Birthday!"


Peanuts gang around Xmas tree  "Hooray for Christmas!"
   Snoopy & Woodstock dancing around decorated doghouse  "Hope your whole holiday is happy all the way!"

Snoopy & Woodstock in different frames on doghouse:
   "On Christmas, people eat turkeys!"
   "They also eat chickens and ducks and quail and pheasant!"
   "Christmas is a bad time to be a bird!"
Inside - Woodstock  "Woof!   Merry Christmas!"

Musical card plays Linus & Lucy theme when card is opened
   Pictures gang dancing on stage   "May this happy season...
     dance on in your heart"


Snoopy laying on doghouse wrapped in stocking cap
   Inside is blank and can be personalized

Box of 18 cards/19 envelopes - Peanuts gang caroling; inside reads "Sing a song of Christmas!  Make a joyful noise - Let everyone rejoice!"   MIB     (2 boxes available)

Box of 12 cards/envelopes holds 4" x 6" photo, Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy & Charlie Brown dancing on front; inside reads "Hope you have your merriest Christmas ever!"     MIB       (2 boxes available)

Box of 18 cards/3 designs each - Snoopy placing star on tree  "Hope this Christmas tops them all!";    Snoopy & Woodstock dancing  "Hope this is your best holiday yet!";   Gang on ornaments  "Family and friends are ornaments on the Christmas tree of life!"     MIB  
(3 boxes available)

Box of 24 cards - 3 each of 8 designs    MIB      (picture)
(5 boxes available)


Box of 24 cards - 3 each of 8 designs:  1)  Joe Cool;  2)  Peanuts gang nativity;  3)  Snoopy Santa;  4)  Woodstock birds skiing on Snoopy & doghouse;  5)  Charlie Brown;  6)  Snoopy hugging Woodstock;  7)  Peanuts gang around tree;  8)  Peanuts gang winter scene     MIB        (picture)
(2 boxes available)

Box of 24 cards - 4 each of 6 designs - 1)  Snoopy/Woodstock with present; 2)  Joe Cool;  3)  Peanuts gang nativity scene;  4)  Charlie Brown winter scene;  5)  Woodstock reinder pulling Snoopy in dog dish sleigh;  6)  Peanuts gang winter scene     MIB     (picture)   (picture)
(4 boxes available)


Box 18 cards/envelopes - Peanuts gang in winter scene   "Happy Holidays"  
Inside verse:  "It's that special time for saying Happy, Happy Holidaying!"

Snoopy laying in wreath "Just a little holiday wish from me...Merry Christmas!"  - blank inside   MIP $3

Snoopy & Charlie Brown in santa suits by Xmas tree  "Merry Christmas!"  - blank inside   MIP $3

Hope your Easter is blessed...
Inside:...with the things that make you feel all happy inside!   Happy Easter
Includes verse on inside left:  I have learned by experience that the Lord hath blessed me  (Genesis 30:27)

Snoopy giving Easter Egg to Woodstock in next
   inside is blank and can be personalized; also comes with a separate insert that can be used or removed and reads  "There's a wonderful sparkle of spring in the air, there's a feeling of promise and hope everywhere...
   May this magic surround you with joys great and small and bring you your loveliest Easter of all"
Snoopy  "Woodstock wants to wish you a Happy Easter but he's kind of embarrassed..."
   Inside:  "He was dyeing easter eggs and he fell in!!  Happy Easter!"

Snoopy "... And when Irish eyes are smiling, sure, they'll steal your heart awa-a-ay!"
    Inside:  "I dont't usually sing these songs, but all the irish setters are busy!  ...Are you ready for 'Danny Boy'?"
Snoopy & Woodstock  "Legend has it that if yiu capture a leprechaun, he has to give you his pot of..."
   Inside:  "... birdseed?!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!"
Snoopy  "It's St. Patrick's Day, and everybody's in the spirit of it!"
   Inside:   picture of Woodstock sitting on a branch wearing a green tie
Snoopy  "I was going to spend all of St Patrick's Day thinking of you!"
   Inside:  "But Woodstock wants to go to Kelly's and drink green root beer!  Happy St. Patrick's Day"
Lucy  "For St Patrick's Day, I wish I could go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone!"
   Inside:  "How about a Barney Beagle, Sweetie?  Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

Large card measures 12" tall x 8.5 wide
Snoopy leprachaun  "Happy St Patrick's Day...
   Inside:  "from the bottom o' me litte heart!"
has folded edge that allows card to stand as a display


Snoopy "Valentine, I'm strong, brave, loyal, fearless, unflinching..."
   Inside:  "Give me a pat on the head and I'm yours!  Happy Valentine's Day!"

Snoopy  "It's Valetine's Day and I've got you under my skin."
   Inside:  "Either that or I need a new flea collar."

Lucy  "Halloween is such a horrible, ghastly, frightening time of the year."
   Inside:  "I have no idea what made me think of you!   Happy Day!"


Snoopy Joe Cool  "He, man, like on April 1st...."
    Inside:  "Have a Cool Fools' Day"

Woodstock falling off swing
   Inside:  "Sorry about your accident.  Hope you're back in the swing soon!"

Graduate -- You're Outstanding!  Why don't you come in and sit down?

Congratulations Graduate -- you're one smart doughnut!
Inside:  I think she means smart cookie. (Linus)    Whatever.  (Sally)

Charlie Brown  "Congratulations to a great guy.  For your graduation, something in stereophonic sound, equipped with the highest fidelity woofers and tweeters!"
    Snoopy & Woodstock dancing  "Tweet!  Tweet!   Tweet!  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!  Congratulations."

Linus  "Graduation is a time for self-evaluation, a time for looking to the future, a time for planning and dreaming of careers and accomplishments to come...
      Lucy   ", do you think we look cute in these gowns or what?  Congratulations!"

You're brought something special to our little organization!
Inside:  A little organization!   Happy Secretaries Day

I asked myself who's the greatest, the most magnificent, the most splendiferous person in the whole wide world.  You'l be glad to know....
Inside:  You ran me a very close second!  Happy Sweetest Day!

2006 Calendar - features Snoopy in 4 different seasonal scenes

Susan Jensen
2202 N. Richmond St.
Santa Ana, CA  92705-7623

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