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EVERYONE should be able to play.  If you're interested, there is certainly an instrument for you!  While basic guitar lessons are the house specialty, we are also affiliated with one of the best drum instructors around.  If piano is more to your liking, we can get you started on that as well.

However, our MOST EXCITING news is the development of a simplified learning method that lets ALMOST ANYONE pick up the guitar and play a song on the FIRST DAY!  While it is targeted toward children that have traditionally been too young for "standard" guitar instruction, it is also opens the door for students of ANY AGE who feel they lack the physical abilities necessary to play.

Awesome new tools and techniques help new students overcome obstacles of hand size, strength, and dexterity.  This innovative method teaches children as young as FIVE YEARS OLD…anyone old enough to recognize words!!!

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BEST RENTAL PROGRAM IN TOWN!!!  I TRULY hope you'll check it out!
I understand your situation.  Someone in your home that thinks they would like to play music...
- Maybe it's your child,
- Maybe it's your spouse, or
- Maybe it's YOU!

...and you know you can't find out for sure until there something decent around to practice on!

Until now, you've had few options:
1)  Buy something GOOD, and hope they stick with it.  Otherwise, you're facing a 50% loss of value and the hassle of trying to get rid of that instrument you wish you'd never bought
2)  Buy something CHEAP, and frustrate your budding Beethoven until they want to burn that torture device and forget they ever KNEW there was such a thing as music.
3)  Throw away months and months of rental payments that could have gone toward OWNING something truly fun to play, only to find out that you're house is home to a future member of the next Beatles!

I offer the simple option of renting to own.  Plans are adjustable to meet your financial needs, but all of them allow you to apply a significant portion of your monthly payments toward ownership of a brand new instrument, and you can make the switch WHENEVER you should decide the time is right.

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  Reverse Auction
Good times start with Great Gear!
The time for toys has passed, and you don't need to spend a fortune to find quality instruments and accessories.  However, you MAY have trouble sifting through the myriad of choices.

I try to stock what I consider to be a few of the best options in different price ranges.  Everyone wants something a little different, and I can always order to match your preferences.

Manufacturer's Links
  Dean Guitars
  Peace Drums
Need more Pictures?!?!?
Sometimes, it's just fun to look at a catalog.
...Sometimes, we really do want to look up information!
I can order anything you see on any of these sites.

If you have any questions about the merchandise, please feel free to ask.  I can get you the answers you need to make a sound decision.

Since 1998, Wonderland has been your friendly, low cost,
alternative to chain stores and high pressure rock boutiques.

You've never needed leather pants or BIG hair to get a BIG discount!
You don't HAVE to ROCK and ROLL to get ROCK bottom prices!
You don't have to RUMBLE ...you get the picture : )

As an instructor, my highest priority has always been to equip my students with top quality instruments and accessories, for the lowest price.
Since I see my customers every week,
there isn't much wisdom in selling inferior products
or overpriced "specials".

I serve regular people who simply count on me for honest, helpful advice, and I enjoy knowing that I can help them find good deals on musical products they can use.

I take pride in dealing fairly and honestly with everyone.
You'll get that same treatment anytime you call.

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  email: WonderlandMusic@earthlink.net