Rental Contract
Terms and Conditions

  Refundable Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit is required for rental. The entire security deposit will be returned to the renter, without interest and without deduction, if the rented item(s) are returned to Wonderland in good condition, upon or before completion of the specified period, and if the account balance is current.


  Rental Period, Amount, and Interest

Each month's payment will be due on or before the same day of the month as that on which the rental began.

A percentage (approximately 70%, depending on which rental option is chosen) of each month's payment, less pro-rata daily deduction for every day by which a payment is late, will be applicable toward the purchase of any Wonderland merchandise of equal or greater value.

If the rental contract is properly discontinued or completed, the accumulated principal, less pro-rata daily deduction, will continue to be applicable toward the purchase of any Wonderland merchandise of equal or greater value, for the duration of the balance.

Please see RENTAL RATE INFORMATION, for additional rental option specifics.


  Wear and Usage

All instruments can eventually accumulate a few small nicks and surface scratches through daily use. Larger dings, dents, cuts, or cracks in the instrument are less acceptable. If they require repair, the resulting expense will be deducted from the damage deposit.

It is also understood that instruments experience some degree of wear, and that individual components may naturally deteriorate with use. These can include strings (all types), reeds, cables (to a limited extent), and drum heads (also limited). Renters are responsible for the replacement of these items during the rental period.

On the other hand, an instrument that is returned from rental with one of these items damaged or broken would not automatically be considered mistreated. Repairs resulting from the natural failure of other components will be the responsibility of Wonderland.


  Return Circumstances

Renters are responsible for the full value (list price) of the items(s), if for any reason the merchandise is not returned to Wonderland.

Renters must pay any fees or costs incurred by the owner in repossessing the items or collecting the rentals due.

Renters are also responsible for all expenses resulting from any damage to these items beyond normal expected wear.



  Additional Information Required for Rental

* Driver's license

* Social Security #

* Valid Credit card

* Current address Information

* Working phone number with answering machine


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