Guitar Lesson Information

Guitar Course Description:

This course is designed around several established instruction books, with traditional note reading emphasized first.

As the student becomes familiar with notes in the first position, chords and then full songs are introduced. At all times, the student is encouraged to suggest additional material for review and development.

My goal is to help the student achieve proficiency in all of the following areas:

* Note Reading
* Standard Chord Structures
* Moveable Chord Structures (Barred Chords)
* Finger Picking Styles
* Scales and Keys
* Standard Chord Progressions
* Improvisational Patterns Throughout the Fretboard
* Song Development


Rate Information:

Tuition is paid monthly at the following rates:

* 1/2 hour: $20 per lesson
* 1 hour: $33 per lesson



A one time materials fee of $15, includes the following:

* Initial Course Book
* Supplemental Study/Practice Materials
* Guitar Chord Book
* Binder


The following additional materials are recommended:

* Guitar tuner - available for purchase
* Metronome - available for purchase
* Guitar (of course!) - rentals available;
  Rental fees apply toward purchase


Missed Lessons Policy:

My policy allows for occasional missed lessons, with 24 hour notice.