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Eager to know what's new with your Bobcat Buddies?  Here's what we've heard lately.....

(Note:  For security purposes, we are not listing street address here.  Look for it in the Reunion Brochure...or email the person!)
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Acers, Jenny
City: Brookings
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Madison, Watertown
Personal Status: Life Partner
Partner Name: Chuck Smith
Job: Customer Service
Employer: Wal-Mart
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Bowling, Reading, Gardening
Other Achievements?: I waited to go to college -- I graduated from Watertown Business University (no longer in operation) and then went to Dakota State for computer. I graduated from Dakota State in 1987.  I got a job right away at Midwest Card Services (credit division at First National Bank [now First Bank and Trust.]) I was there for 15 years (until the card center shut down). I am now working at Wal-Mart. I've been working there for a little over 4 years.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Nope --- I'm basically the same as I was 30 years ago.
Anything Else To Share?: In 2006 I had the opportunity to go to Rome, Italy (among other towns in Italy) with my b/f and the Catholic Church. It is and was the most awesome trip I have ever been on.  We were actually able to go see the Pope.

Adams, Terry
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Denver 1980, Minneapolis 1980-1983, Sioux Falls 1983 to current
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Michelle Adams
Children: Zach 19, Lauren 17
Job: Engineering Tech
Employer: City of Sioux Falls Municipal Light & Power
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Member of the El Riad Fife & Drum Corps

Asmus, Joleen
City: Rutland
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Sioux Falls, Madison, Chester
Personal Status: Single
Children: Daniel 16
Job: Accounting
Employer: Sanford Health Systems
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Rutland Booster, Service Excellence,Enjoy Auto Racing,spending time with my son, brothers,sister,nieces,and nephews.
Anything Else To Share?: Cancer Survivor 8 years.
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Barnett Family
Barnett, Pat
City: Jackson
State: Mn
I Also Lived In:: Storm Lake, Ia, Platte,SD, Brookings
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Kim
Children: Brooke 22, Tarah 19
Job: Sr. Financial Services Officer
Employer: Agstar Financial Services
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Outdoors, Hunting, Lions Club
Anything Else To Share?: I married Kim 5 years ago and have 2 step daughters from the marriage. There is quite a change to add 2 teenage daughters to a bachelor’s life style.

(Bechtold) Ode, Stephanie
City: Brandon
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Sioux Falls, Atlanta, Chicago
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Bruce Ode
Children: Kyle - 21, Kelly - 20, Kent -15
Job: Library Assistant
Employer: Siouxland Libraries


(Blazey) Gunderson, Suzi
City: Park Falls
State: WI
I Also Lived In:: Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Vermillion
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: George
Children: Thor and Gray are 16 and 14

Job: Attorney, Private Practice
Employer: Myself
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I'm too busy to be involved in any organized activities, other than those with my kids.  Both are very active in Band and any other school activities (other than athletics) that they can get their fingers into.  Just like their parents!  Thor and Gray love to fish and hunt and I like to sit in the boat or watch just to  spend time with them.
Other Achievements?: My family is my proudest achievement, considering that I never planned to get married or have children, it's the single thing that has brought the purest and greatest joy to my life.  If I were forced to choose something else, it's the fact that I graduated from Law School (even if I had to go to Vermillion to do it!) and passed the Wisconsin Bar Exam on the first try.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: For my 40th birthday, I splurged and got a tattoo.  And no, it's not in a place that I'm embarrassed to show!  It's a discreet little rose on my left shoulder.  Having been such a "good girl" back in the 70's, I imagine that's a surprise to folks!
Anything Else To Share?: Having fought the battle of the bulge my entire life, I found out five years ago that I had high cholesterol and lost about 70 lbs.  I've kept it off for 4 years so am confident that it's gone for good.  I'm now thinner than I was at the 20th, let alone in high school.  I needed to do it for myself and my family, and as heart disease suddenly claimed my mom last Thanksgiving it turned out to be even more important than I originally thought.  Take care of yourself to be there for those who love you!

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(Canaday) Graham Family
(Canaday) Graham, Julie
City: Columbus
State: NE
I Also Lived In:: Grand Forks, ND, Swift Bird, SD, Promise, SD, Mobridge, SD, Ainsworth, NE, Clay Center, NE, Osceola, NE, Columbus, NE
Personal Status: Divorced
Children: Jordan-16, Janae-14
Job: Speech Language Pathologist
Employer: Educational Service Unit #7
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: NSEA, NSLHA, Lots of Church activities, Arc of Platte County, love my MacBook, keeping up with the kids
Other Achievements?: That I have all my college education paid for and even after 26 years I still love my work.  And I own my home.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Its amazing what one can do- after my children's father died I learned how to use power tools and can build an alright pinewood derby car, but that was a while ago....
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Carlson-Boyett Family

(Carlson) Boyett, Barb
USMailStreet: 2023 Garden Terrace Drive
City: Katy
State: TX
ZipCode: 77494
I Also Lived In:: San Antonio, TX; Billings MT; Bellevue WA
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Tom Boyett
Children: Jordan 18, Tyler 15, Ben 13
Job: Physical Therapist
Employer: Own my own clinic - Hope Rehab Katy
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I enjoy hanging out with my teenage kids.  We are really involved in their activities - marching band and football.  We enjoy camping, snow skiing, and traveling.
Other Achievements?: Right now I am in the process of building our own building for my clinic.  I'm just amazed at how blessed we have been in the success of this physical therapy business.  Being able to help so many people over the years is an incredible honor.
Anything Else To Share?: I won't be able to make the reunion - my parents sold their Brookings home 8 years ago and moved south.  We have not had the opportunity to get back up there, but I'll be thinking of you all.


(Cavanaugh) McKeown, Rea
City: Brookings
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Elkton, SD
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Rick
Children: Landon/32, Tianna/30, Mychal/18, Taylor/15
Job: Account Executive
Employer: Larson Manufacturing
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Friends Of Baseball, Band Boosters, Volunteer Service Bank.
Other Achievements?: I hate to say this but my boys are my best accomplishment. We've managed to get one through high school and the other half way through with minor problems. They are great kids and they are and will be my best accomplishment in my life.
Anything Else To Share?: Just want to say that I've had a great life and I hope all is going well for all of you. I lost my sister to cancer at age 35 and my Mom when she was 58 so live every day like it might be your last and always, always remember to Love and Laugh! I always have a smile on my face and I still love to LAUGH! Love ya all! Rea

(Collins) Rue, Judy
City: Vadnais Hgts
State: MN
I Also Lived In:: New Brighton,MN
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Mark
Children: Tom,29  Mandy,23
Job/Parent: lady of leisure
Employer: self  (and Mark)
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Volunteer work, gardening, book club and almost any kind of sport--though these days I'm more a fan than participant!
Other Achievements?: I'm still crazy about that Rue kid after 32 years!!
Cooper, Allen
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Watertown
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Mickey
Children: Britney 22, Kristen 19
Job Parent: Contractor
Employer: Self
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: riding motorcycles, family trips


Craddock Family

Craddock, Tom
City: Boulder City
State: NV
I Also Lived In:: Deadwood, SD; Phoenix, AZ
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Tommi
Children: Greg-24  Dusty-19
Job: Commercial Accounts Manager
Employer: Ford dealership
Other Achievements?: The fact that I'm still alive!
What Else Might Surprise Us?: That I've become everything I rebelled against when I was younger. The anti-"Crash". Not so much in spirit - but certainly in action.
Anything Else To Share?: Remember the time we...............


(Drietz) Kane Family

(Drietz) Kane, Diane
City: Woodland Park
State: CO
I Also Lived In:: Spearfish, SD; Edgemont, SD; Sioux Falls, SD; Brandon, SD; Columbus, NE
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Kevin Kane
Children: Kyle (23), Troy (19)
Job: Home Engineer
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: church activities, 4-wheeling, camping, softball, fishing, gardening, craft fairs, and watching our younger son play college baseball
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I like 4-wheeling to the top of Colorado's 14,000 ft. mountains.
Anything Else To Share?: Before I became a stay-at-home-mom, I graduated from Black Hills State University and worked as a secretary/office manager for several years.

(Enevoldsen) Steenson, DeeAnn
City: Brookings
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Several homes in Brookings (I've ventured far)!!
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Lyle
Children: Matt - 23    Ryan - 20
Job: IT Department - Business Process Improvement
Employer: Daktronics, Inc. - 26 years!!
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Powershop Gym cycling instructor,Prairie Scorchers Cycling Club, Master's Swim Club, riding my new Harley!
Other Achievements?: I have successfully competed and finished 8 mini-triathlons, 3 at SDSU and 5 Danskin tri's in Denver.  I have ran 2 half marathons with my training partner and friend in "crime", Lori Eilers
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor - after treatments were done I got my first tattoo (2003). (Suzy Blazey - I'm so proud of you).
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Bill and Theresa Finch

Finch, Bill
City: Krum
State: TX
I Also Lived In:: Waterloo, IA (84-85); Denton, TX (86-91)
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Teresa Finch
Children: stepdaughters: Ginger (husband Juan) and Amber
Job: Math Teacher
Employer: Denton Independent School District
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I'm working towards a Master's Degree in Applied Statistics through Texas A&M.
Other Achievements?: I've earned a few teaching awards, and I've hiked nearly half of the Appalachian Trail.

Fredrickson, Kenneth
City: Virginia Beach
State: VA
I Also Lived In:: Lived in Italy for 18 months and 42 months in Holy Loch, Scotland. Have lived in Virginia Beach Va. since 1984
Personal Status: TooComplicated
Partner Name: Donna Dudley
Children: Richard 26 years old. Currently in college. Larry 24, Also in college
Job: Job site foreman for a tank restoration company
Employer: Specialty Products Inc.
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Retired USN. US history
Other Achievements?: Managed to raise two great boys despite making a shambles out of my marriages.

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Kathrine and Kit

Gardner, Kathrine
City: Half Moon Bay
State: CA
I Also Lived In:: Davis CA and Berkeley CA
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Kit Nelson Bedford
Job: Office Manager, water well company
Employer: Wilkinson Enterprises
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: playing fiddle for contra and square dancing, pets (cat and dog) and vegetable garden, alternative health, Mac computers
Other Achievements?: Getting to play with the awesome folk musicians in the Bay Area, and being "famous" to the small number of people who like that sort of thing.  Going to interesting places like Alaska and Tennessee to play music.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I am a good driver and drive all over the place.
Anything Else To Share?: Kit and I got married in '99, just after the last reunion and just before the world might have ended in 2000.  We live very near the beach and if you'd like to visit, just let us know.  The ocean's pretty cold here but it's beautiful.   Just over 1/2 hr. south of San Francisco.  Our real town is "El Granada", though the postal address is "Half Moon Bay".

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Garrity Family

Garrity, Thomas
City: Allentown
State: PA
I Also Lived In:: NC; CT
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Denise Garrity
Children: Chris -27; Joe - 16; John - 14; Catherine - 12
Job: Managing Partner of a business management consulting firm
Employer: Compass Point, Ltd
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Forum for Ethics in the Workplace; Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation; Saint Thomas More Church; golf; tennis; gardening (I never thought I would list this as a hobby); travel; architecture; sailing
Other Achievements?: 1.  I started my own business, Compass Point, Ltd, five years ago.  2.  The little everyday moments of making a difference.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: 1.  I dabble in the art form scrimshaw and have sold a few pieces.  2.  I still have my motorcycle (Honda CX 500) that I bought in 1984, putting on a whopping +/- 200 miles annually.
Anything Else To Share?: I can't wait to see everyone and catch up.  I am amazed how vivid my memories of you and BHS are, yet I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night!

Graetzer Family
Graetzer, Daniel
Lived Other Places,Fort Collins, Colorado, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Park City, Utah, Missoula, Montana, Kirkland, Washington'
Personal Status, Married
Partner Name,Shonah (Johnson)
Children,Hannah - age 9, Noah - age 6
Job,university science teaching and research faculty position
Employer,Northwest University - Kirkland Washington
Other Passions or Orgs,church activities, guitar, hunting, fishing, hiking, handball, boating, huckleberry picking
Other Achievements, Raising two children with my wonderful wife
What Else Might Surprise Us, I supervise a cadaver dissection laboratory for pre-med and nursing students and we are always looking for volunteers.
(Harvey) Riedesel, Donna
City: Brookings
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Sioux Falls,1978-1979, then back to good old Brookings.
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Alan
Children: Jacob 29 Ellie 27 John25 Emmy 21 (step-children)
Job: Production worker
Employer: Falcon Plastics 21yrs
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: We attend SDSU men's and women's basketball games and some SDSU football games. Ride motorcycle and are a member of the Sioux River ABATE in Brookings,and are planning to go to Sturgis this year. And also do some scrapbooking.
Other Achievements?: I'm glad to have good health. And I'm looking forward to becoming a grandmother for the first time around July 25th. Looking forward to coming to the reunion and seeing everybody.
Terry (Headley) Hill of these guys is Larry!

(Headley) Hill, Terry
City: Clifton
State: VA
I Also Lived In:: Omaha, NE; Redondo Beach, CA
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Larry Hill
Children: Thea (23), Bryan (18), Mark (14)
Employer: Scitor Corp.
Job: Satellite Engineering
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Gourmet cooking with the family--everyone gets a recipe!  Trips to Napa Valley.  Summers with family at Lake Poinsett.
Other Achievements?: I retired from the Air Force in 1998. My kids hung in there with me!
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Larry and I ride Harleys with friends.
Anything Else To Share?: Larry and I got married in Vegas last November.

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(Holwerda) Blando Family
(Holwerda) Blando, Terri
City: Plymouth
State: MN
I Also Lived In:: We were married in Iowa in 1982 then moved 6 times to Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Pennsylvania again, and now Minnesota because of Mike's career.
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Mike Blando
Children: Mary 18 Steve 17
Employer: North Memorial Hospital
Job: Labor and Delivery RN
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Besides family, my time off is occupied with club and USTA tennis here in the cities.  Our family enjoys athletics in general of various forms.  I also like to work in my flower gardens at our home.
Other Achievements?: 2008 North Memorial Hospital Ralph Rossen Nurse Excellence Nomination.  Adult tennis has also been one of my most enjoyable achievements. This fall I was the Booster fundraiser for our daughter's highschool girls varsity tennis program.  I really enjoyed the girls and the parents and we raised a record amount of money for their program.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Our daughter Mary graduated from highschool this year and will be attending St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.
Anything Else To Share?: I regretted not attending the 20th year reunion when we lived in Pennsylvania so I am excited to see classmates this summer at our 30th reunion.
(Hoogestraat) Feiler, Laurie
City: Pierre
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Sioux Falls until 1990
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Eric Feiler
Children: Carly 21   Jenna 16
Job Parent: Deputy Secretary SD Department of Corrections
Employer: State
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Being outside, hiking, in the boat on the river, biking, running and following my kids around in sports and kid activities.  I'm passionate about my kids, my husband, my faith and my work.
Other Achievements?: Career success - being able to do work that is interesting, challenging and can honestly have a positive impact. I've been with the DOC for almost 25 years and have had the chance to be involved with many initatives, 18 legislative sessions and been able to create new programs, set correctional policy and provide leadership on a statewide basis.  Also, living with cancer for many years while raising my girls and growing my career and now five years after being "cooked" (AKA chemo) being healthy.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Are you kidding me?  I'm not telling!
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(Hopponen) Barnhart Family

(Hopponen) Barnhart, Lisa
City: Delaware
State: Oh
I Also Lived In:: TX, OK(2 cities), AK (2 cities), IL (7 suburbs all Chicago area) OH (6 suburbs all Columbus)
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Dan Barnhart
Children: RJ - 7, Nathanael - 4 1/2, Tryphon - 4
Job/Parent: Stay at Home Mom
Employer: The Lord
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)
Other Achievements?: I finally went back to school for a Masters in Architecture.  I have completed half the course work and will never finish the remaining work.  I hate school and it will never pay off in a career change.  I love the history part and want to see the Arch. in Europe but I can do that on my own.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: We are planning on adopting another baby.
Anything Else To Share?: In the last 10 years I have: gotten married, returned to school full time, quit my real job, moved, had a baby, quit school, moved, had another baby, moved, had another baby, and babysat another baby.  We had three little boys in less than three years!  It was crazy. I loved it!

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Schirmer Family

(Jensen) Schirmer, Susen
City: Indianola
State: IA
I Also Lived In:: SD - Sioux Falls, Winner, Colome, Elkton; TX-San Antonio, San Angelo; CA - Salinas; Germany - Munich; IA - Indianola
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Jim Schirmer
Children: Katie-22, Emily-21
Job: Education Consultant
Employer: Heartland Area Education Agency
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Family!! Education - both formal and informal; Church; Theatre; Travel
Other Achievements?: Spending quality time with alternative students; helping students reach their goals.
Anything Else To Share?: I'm sorry I won't be able to share in the fun at the reunion - I'll be thinking of you!


Johnson, Randy
City: Owings
State: MD
I Also Lived In:: Texas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Korea, Indiana, Kentucky, Charleston, SC, Washington, DC
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Evelyn
Children: Kyle (23), Miranda (18), Kristin (17)
Job: Director, Recruiting and Retention
Employer: Air National Guard
Other Achievements?: Even though I have been gone for 30 years (geeeeeez), I still have some great friends I see and hang out with every trip home - Oly and Steenly!
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I succeeded. So far.
Anything Else To Share?: Look forward to seeing everyone in July!

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Jorgenson Family

Jorgensen, Stuart
City: Denver
State: CO
PersonalStatus: Married
Partner Name: Amy
Children: Lauren (14), Brooke (11)
Job Parent: Trial attorney
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I have helped coach my girls' softball teams for years, but they know how to play anyway.
Other Achievements?: I kept up the family tradition by building our own house.  After 4 years, 2 ER visits, 2 fire trucks, 2 visits by the dumpster police, 3 re-finances, and 1 spine surgery, we're done!
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I ran into Rick Havermann's little brother, Kent, at a Denver "screamo" concert this Spring.  We talked for half an hour before we realized who each other was.
Anything Else To Share?: This will be my family's first time ever to Brookings, and my first time in 20 years, so please forgive my memory has faded a bit.


(Keller) Kitchen, Theresa
City: Washington
State: OK
I Also Lived In:: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Dee Kitchen
Children: Tommy 27, Will 23, Michael 20, Joey 12, Michaela 6, Madelyn 3
Job: Community Education Rep., R.N. , Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse and a full time parent
Employer: Odyssey Healthcare
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Rural Oklahomans receiving healthcare and their hospice benefit. Helping my community with end of life issues, advance directives, ect.  Spending time at our lake house at Grand Lake in Oklahoma(water sports). Fishing. Option Trading.  Scrapbooking.  Painting. The Boston Red Sox. Bengal Cats. Getting back to Colorado as often as possible to snow ski.  Spending time with my children.  Violin, piano, and theater, Oklahoma City offers a good variety of all.  Following my husband in my Prowler while he drives his Big Dog across the states. Last but not least flying our Piper Lance plane.


Kelsey, Todd
City: Coal Valley
State: IL
I Also Lived In:: Minneapolis Suburbs
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Rhonda
Children: Daugher, Elisa-20,stepson Dan-23,stepdaughter,Amanda-21
Job: Materials Manager
Employer: Iowa,Chicago & Eastern (IC&E) Railroad
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I still enjoy Antiques and Collectibles, Refinishing furniture. Working out with my wonderful wife at the Gym.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I've been involved in Deliverance and Healing Ministries and it still WOWS me that the Lord used me and allowed me to witness His miracles.

(Kepford) Jackson, Corinne
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Kansas City, Wichita Kansas, Mesa Arizona and Minneapolis MN.
Personal Status: Too Complicated
Job: Property Management - Full Time
Employer: Dominium Managment  Services
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Brookings Area Wine Club.  Spending time at my lake place at Lake Thompson/Henry.  Watching my Nephews play Baskeball.
Other Achievements?: Life has been an Adventure

(Knutson) Steen, Joy
City: Fargo
State: ND
I Also Lived In:: Minneapolis, MN; Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT
PersonalS tatus: Married
Partner Name: Preston Steen
Children: Carly 23 yrs, Mitch 19 yrs
Job: Elementary School office
Employer: Fargo Public Schools
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Volunteer work in church and a local hospice organization.  Enjoy spending time at the lake and traveling whenever we can.  Desperately want to become a better golfer.......
Other Achievements?: Married 25 years.  No major health problems, except the typical middle aged stuff.... poor eyesight, minor aches and pains--

Koepsell, Pam
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: I haven't been very mobile--I have lived in Sioux Falls since I attended college.
Personal Status: Single
Job: RN--Pediatric Palliative Care Coordinate and Clinical Informatics
Employer: Sanford Health
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I am a member of First Presbyterian Church and currently serve as the moderator for the Board of Deacons, I am also a Stephen Minister (although I have taken a hiatus with my two new positions at the hospital). I am a member of PEO, South Dakota Perinatal Association and several other educational organizations.
Other Achievements?: Completing my master's degree in nursing with an emphasis on neonatal loss. Traveling a broad--in 2007, I traveled to China on a neonatal delegation--this was an incredible opportunity. Other countries/destinations I have traveled to: Japan, Tiawan, Germany, France, Austria, and Alaska.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I was recently accepted into the Program in Palliative Care Education and Practice through Harvard Medical School (yes, it is really true--an Ivy League school!)--it truly is a priviledge to learn from outstanding leaders. This course deepens clinical and interactive skills when providing care to individuals with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions or those who are at the end of life--focusing on the dignity of life rather than suffering.
Anything Else To Share?: As we make our journey through life, live each day to the fullest and remember to take time for your self--spend time with family and friends as these relationships become very important. We have seen how lives can change quickly with the passing of several classmates--they will be missed, yet remembered. Embrace the moment and cherish the memories.
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Theresa Larkin and family

Larkin, Teresa
City: Alexandria
State: VA
I Also Lived In:: Manhattan, KS; Arlington, VA
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Dan Budny
Children: Ben (age 21 on July 19th!)
Job: Associate Professor of Physics Education
Employer: American University
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I'm involved with several professional organizations, particularly the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).  My husband and I enjoy participating in various conferences around the world and in working collaboratively on numerous professional projects.
Other Achievements?: BHS Distinguished Alumni Award (1993).  Outstanding Teaching in the General Education Program Award (American University, 2000). I've really enjoyed being able to do some traveling with my husband and to share some of these experiences with our children.  We have been able to take some subset of our collection of kids to various places including Brazil, Norway, Sweden, and the Dominican Republic.  Dan and I also enjoyed a two-week trip to China in 2004 in which we took a group of about 30 students from the University of Pittsburgh (where Dan teaches) on a study abroad experience in Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: One might be surprised to learn that in addition to my son, Ben, I have a total of 7 stepchildren (ages 15 - 40) and 4 grandchildren (ages 6 - 18).  And no, I've not made a typo!  :-)
Anything Else To Share?: I am really looking forward to coming home to Brookings and to seeing everyone again.  Truth be known, I'm already scheduling my visit around getting a few of those one-of-a-kind Nick's burgers!  If anyone is planning to travel to the Washington, DC area at some point in the future, I hope you'll give me a call.  It would be fun to get together "out east."

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Lushbough-Lombardo Family

(Lushbough) Lombardo, Kathy
USMailStreet: 1339 19th Avenue SW
City: Rochester
State: MN
ZipCode: 55902
IAlsoLivedIn:: I attended college at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL and medical school at the University of South Dakota.  Phil and I lived in Sioux Falls for three years and have lived in Rochester, Minnesota since 1987.
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Phillip Lombardo
Children: Christopher - 21 (Senior at St Olaf College studying Chemistry) and Matthew - 18 (Freshman at University of St. Thomas)
Job: Physician
Employer: Olmsted Medical Center
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Appalachia Service Project (mission project with high school youth in our church), volunteer work, reading, cooking, and spending time with my family.
Other Achievements?: Other than my two sons - being married for almost 24 years and establishing a busy medical practice and being Department Chair of my department for the past eight years

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Luze-Crapser Grandchildren (and South Dakota snow...)
(Luze) Crapser, Loretta
City: Brookings
State: SD
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Eldon Crapser
Children: Cherie (James)Wilson 28 - 3 girls: Alexis 7, Paige 3, Chloe 1; Penny - 26; Brandi (Brent) Moresco - 22; Jesse - 15
Job: clerk
Employer: HyVee C-Store
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Cub and Boy Scouting.  Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising(my 3year old great niece has Cystic Fibrosis)
Other Achievements?: Completing the highest adult training (Wood Badge)in Boy Scouting. Being asked to help at Boy Scout Lewis and Clark Summer Camp on the Rifle range.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I do some hunting and can shoot Black Powder rifles.  Love to camp under the stars.  Married 30 years in December.
Anything Else To Share?: Enjoy your family every minute that you can.
Nancy Malone and family

Malone, Nancy
City: Canton
State:  MI

Personal Status, Single
Children: TJ -23, Danielle-21 and Jonathan 13
Job:  Physical Therapist
Employer:  United Home Health Services and Henry Ford Home Health Services
Other Orgs Activities Passions:  President and Founder of Hands of Light in Action, Baker College Board Member, Attending Graduate School at Oakland University
Other Achievements:  Assisting in disasters with medical, rebuilding, supplies and monetary support.  Last trip to Katrina, we raised over $30,000, collected trailer full of supplies and had 30 volunteers from 9 states.'
What Else Might Surprise Us:  'I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in July 07 and surgery with 3 clips inserted.  All I can say is that even at your lowest, never give up.
Anything Else To Share?:  Be the Change that You want in the World.

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McCabes--Michael; Dad Dr. Frank; Sister Mary Alice

McCabe, Michael
City: Nebraska City
State: Ne
I Also Lived In:: Carroll, Ia..  Omaha....Lincoln,NE
Personal Status: Single
Job: Catholic Priest & Superintendent
Employer: Nebr. City Lourdes K-12 Schools
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Unlike Mark Twain, who said GOLF is a good walk spoiled...I thoroughly enjoy hitting the little white ball around...although there are days...
Other Achievements?: In my vocation I am able to be part of so many people's joys and help them in their sorrows...this is rewarding and a big blessing to my life. I also so enjoy my dedicated teachers and students. Running a k-12 Catholic school gives me a lot of variety in student's lives. It is very rewarding finally seeing them grown and doing well in life.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I help manage $10-15 million for Catholic school endowments in our diocese. Before becoming a priest, my background was in investments. I truly still love following the stock market and going to the Berkshirehathaway meetings each year in Omaha.
Anything Else To Share?: In 2006, three priest friends and myself played the "OLD" Course at St. Andrew's in Scotland.   (true story)  On the first tee I asked the starter if we could hit a mulligan if we had a bad shot after all we had just paid 80 pounds or close to $150.00 to play 18 holes. He looked at me and with a wee smile and British accent and said, " Oh, fathers, you can hit a mulligan...BUT you know you will be laying 3!!!!!!! I Highly recommend the trip for golf lovers!!! Beauty, Wit and charm of the Scots, and great golf!


Meyer, Boyd

State: SD
Personal Status: Life Partner
Children: SHARLYNN 17;SAMUEL 2;
Employer: BECKMAN
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: HUNTING FISHING


Meyer-Sperl, Lisa

City,Grand Junction
Other places lived, Craig, Colorado 20 yrs
grand junction co 1 yr'
Personal Status, LifePartner
Partner Name, Bob
Children, Emily 21, Andrew 19
Job,Speech/Language pathologist
Employer, Mesa public schools/Mesa developmental services
Other Orgs Or Passions?,handicapped kids birth to three are my passion.
Other Achievements? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, not a lot.
Anything else to share?,not yet,

Minor, Randy
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: North Carolina in the Marines; Texas and Denver for short periods of time.
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Pam
Children: Hannah-17 and Elani-13
Employer: Scheels All Sports
Job: Gunsmith
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: 4-H shooting sports coach, trap/skeet shooting, long distance rifle shooting, hunting, camping, travel, and our 2 golden retrievers.
Other Achievements?: Serving in the Marines.
Moore, Jay
City: Roanoke
State: TX
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Jayne - 25 yrs to a Watertown Arrow
Children: Amy - 23, Masters Accounting Texas A&M, Dan - 21, Chemistry 3rd yr Sam Houston State, Tommy - 17 Sr HS
Job: Cellular Networks Program Management
Employer: Motorola
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Coaching basketball has dried up now that the kids are older. Finding time now to dust off my golf clubs, fishing gear and boat.  Yearly pheasant hunting trip to So Dak.  Still play basketball once a week. Still can’t jump.   NASCAR and Indy races, were only 15 minutes from Texas Motor Speedway.  Lots of yard work.
Other Achievements?: Have worked on every generation of Cellular technology, including the next.  One Patent awarded.  Friends and colleagues around the world.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Finally more years lived in TX (25) than So Dak. Still no drawl  yall.  My Fantasy Football team is the MooreOns.
Anything Else To Share?: Our son Tommy will be the Student Body VP at his high school next year.  I guess he didn’t have a tough combo like the Myers/Malone Force to run against!

Ness, Laurie
US Mail Street: 728 N. Montgomery Ct.
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
Zip Code: 57103
I Also Lived In:: Reno,Nevada, Rapid City, SD, Colorado Springs, CO
PersonalStatus: Divorced
Children: Adam- 14 / Danielle-16
Job: RN in the PACU- Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Employer: Sanford Health
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Gardening(Xeriscape in the high/dry locations that I lived in previously) Cooking, Scrapbooking, and Travel.
Other Achievements?: Privileged to raise two wonderful children. Helping the underserved, work with the Mission Medical Clinic in Co. Springs, Colorado Patient Safety, and Siouxland Food Bank-Backpack program.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: My son was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome(Neurobiological condition which is milder variant of Autism) at age 4. There have been many challenges since then.  I am putting this out there for those classmates that may have a child with Asperger's as well, so that I can share my experiences with you.
Anything Else To Share?: I plan to attend the reunion and look forward to seeing you.


Patt, Bill
City: St. Paul
State: MN
I Also Lived In:: Minneapolis, MN & Minnetonka, MN
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Kristin Patt
Children: Meredith/18, Will/16, Harrison/13 & Frances/9
Job: Vice President, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
Employer: M. A. Mortenson Company
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: American Institute of CPA's, Minnesota Society of CPA's. Construction Financial Management Association, Institute of Management Accountants, Twin Cities TEC and Lumen Christi Catholic Community.

Peterson, Randee
City: Spearfish
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Various places around the Black Hills
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Connie Peterson
Children: Jared 25, Breonn 23
Employer: Self
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: 4-wheeling & motorcycling around the Black Hills and playing with the grandkids.
Poppen, Deanna
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Madison SD, Colman SD
Personal Status: Divorced
Children: Andy - 19, Jessica - 16
Job: US Postal Service
Other Achievements?:  I have worked for the Postal Service for 19 years now.
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Tim Ramey

Ramey, Tim
City: Cottage Grove
State: MN
I Also Lived In:: Brookings, Madison, Washington State.
Personal Status: Single
Children: Tj - 24
Job: Realtor
Employer: Keller Williams Realty
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Enjoy playing softball, raquetball, golfing, swimming and biking.  My 2 dogs, Jake and Charlie and my cat, Lexie.  Enjoy the water, boating, 4 wheeling, traveling, seeing family.
Other Achievements?: 1)As of June 1st 2008 6 years Cancer Free
2)Feb 3, 2008 celebrated 18 years of sobriety!
3)Selling real estate for over 11 years now in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Still alive, NOT in jail, sober and successful business man with a wild side! Single but looking and available! LOL!
Anything Else To Share?: I am looking forward to seeing everybody and catching up on every one!


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(Rieck) Compton Family

(Rieck) Compton, Linda
City: Cary
State: NC
I Also Lived In:: Mt. Prospect, IL, Kingston, MA and Columbus, GA
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Craig Compton
Children: Lydia - 16, Christopher - 11
Job: Consumer Affairs Director
Employer: Butterball, LLC
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Until recently, I've been involved with music at our churches (keyboard, piano, kids choirs), I love scrapbooking, sew when I can and have kept involved with professional organizations.  Our family also enjoys traveling, especially anything Disney-related.
Other Achievements?: Staying married & in love for more than 20 years, enjoying my kids, developing my career.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: We're avid New England sports fans - Pats, Sox & Celtics!
Anything Else To Share?: We love living in the south - no more shoveling.

(Rose) Caraccio, Sharon
City: Fair Oaks
State: CA
I  Also  Lived  In:: Minneapolis/St. Paul area, San Diego, CA; Lake County, CA; Mankato, MN; Morgan Hill, CA; Sacramento, CA
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: David Caraccio
Children: Ana 16, Joshua 11
Job: High school administrator
Employer: Sacramento Waldorf School
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Working for a Waldorf school doesn't leave time for a lot of other organizations.  We spend lots of time watching Josh as he participates in baseball(all-stars right now), soccer and basketball, and Ana in many activities-sports and singing. I loved to travel before we had children.
Other Achievements?: I am just happy to be a part of an amazing community that is interested in educating children in a healthy way.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I can't think of anything particularly surprising. I spent a long time growing up and didn't embark on a professional career until I was 30 which is when I started my first teaching job.
Anything Else To Share?: I REALLY wish I could make it to the reunion. I don't know if many people remember me, since I moved away after 8th grade, but I am much more drawn to seeing my old elementary and junior high friends than trying to attend my own high school reunion.  I do still get together with friends from SDSU--five of us live out here in California.


Rue, Mark
City: vadnais heights
State: mn
I Also Lived In:: New Brighton, MN
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Judy Collins
Children: Tom 29, Mandy 23
Job: Engineering Manager
Employer: Sensonix, Inc
Other Orgs Activities Passions?:   I have always been active in sports in one form or another. After college I continued to run and play basketball, softball and wallyball, at least until I tore ligaments in my knees. Now I have retired to the game of golf.  I coached my son and daughter for +20 years in baseball, basketball, softball and soccer. Now life is back to the two of us, a border collie and walks at the lake.
Other Achievements?: I have always been involved with leading edge technology.  I have started an engineering company and have been a part of a couple of other start-ups.  Mostly I enjoy the network of people I have come to know throughout the years.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I was caught in the 89 earthquake in San Jose, CA.  I was at a stop light at the base of the Dumbarton Bridge in Menlo Park when the shock waves hit.


Schlobohm, Paul
City: Aurora
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Nowhere USA
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Zelda
Children: Jerad 19
Job: Research Feedlot Manager
Employer: SDSU
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Hunting, Fishing And Tinkering On Old Trucks
Anything Else To Share?: Does anyone know where the time went ??

(Schweitzer) Burtzlaff, Deb
City: Whitewood,

: SD
I Also Lived In:: Brookings and Spearfish, SD
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Leonard
Children: Blake-15  Shelby-13
Job: Heartland Pellets
Employer: Spearfish Pellet Company
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Camping, fishing and running my kids to their sports activities and gardening.
Anything Else To Share?: Life is too short and need to enjoy it to its fullest. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
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Laura and Bruce (Spease) Cardwell with 10-years-cancer-free quilt Laura and her mother made
(Spease) Cardwell, Laura
City: Beardsley
State: MN
I Also Lived In:: Madison, SD; Huntsville And Union Grove, Alabama; Rural White/Toronto, SD;  Volga, SD; Estelline, SD;  and Rural Brookings, SD
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Bruce Cardwell
Children: Samantha 24; Breeyon 22; And Tyler 18
Job: Co-Owner (The Auto Center)
Employer: Myself
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Big Stone County Cancer Support Group (We Raise Money To Help Victims Of Cancer In Big Stone County, Mn); The Town 'N' Country Gals
OtherAchievements?: Over 10 Years Survival From Breast Cancer.
Steen, Brian
City: brookings
State: sd
Personal Status: Divorced
Children: Jake-12 Zach-10 Nicole-8
Employer: 3M
Other Orgs Activities Passions?:  I enjoy watching my kids play hockey in the winter and golf in the summer.  The kids and I like to bike, rollerblade, lift weights, run, walk, fish, hunt, play pool, poker, Frisbee-golf, badminton anything that keeps us out of trouble.
Other Achievements?:  Being able to eat more Nicks hamburgers than Ramey!
Anything Else To Share?:   Be thankful for family and friends. Live each
day like it is your last!
Steenson, Lyle
City: Brookings
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Numerous places in and around Brookings.
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: DeeAnn
Children: Matt - 23    Ryan - 20
Job: Quality Manager, Product Development Coordinator
Employer: Falcon Plastics
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Most all forms of motorized recreational vehicles.  Minnesota Vikings die hard.  Mark my words: "This is the year"
Other Achievements?: I'm going to say my family because of the normal reasons and because I don't like being told what not to say.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Not that I'd put in print.
Anything Else To Share?: A drink at Skinners.
Stenberg, Kent
City: warrenton
State: MO
I Also Lived In:: Hot Springs SD, Sturgis SD
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Kathy
Job Parent: Manufacturing Mgr
Employer: SAFHolland
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: motorcycles and golf.
Other Achievements?: The friends I've made, the times we have shared, and surviving the bumps in the journey.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I doubt it.
Anything Else To Share?: I live in the Ozarks and have asperations of becoming a Hillbilly. The locals tell me that I don't qualify because: I'm employeed, and I have too many teeth in my for now I'm just another redneck with a dream!!! I'm very much looking forward to seeing my brothers and sisters of the great class of 78!!!!
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Kevin, Deborah and grand-baby Alyssa

Stokes, Kevin
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: North Carolina, Arizona, Florida
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Deborah Stokes
Children: Lori 30, Stephanie 28, Nathan 24
Job: Audio-Video Rack Mechanic
Employer: LodgeNet Interactive
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Like playing golf
Anything Else To Share?: between My Wife and I we have 9 grandkids.Between ages 12 to 2

Tabor, Matt
USMailStreet: 1000 Saxony Dr
City: Racine
State: WI
ZipCode: 53402
I Also Lived In:: Around and about Milwaukee, WI.  Racine for the last 15 years
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Mary
Children: Maggie/16, Madelyn/12
Job: Field Service Manager
Employer: Unico, Inc
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Sucked up into the kid support vortex.  Planned Maggie's Choir tour to AZ last year.  Planning Their Chicago "Broadway Extravaganza" for this upcoming year.
Other Achievements?: Survival.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Have traveled to China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Italy, England and ....Canada, all expenses paid by my work.  Climbed on the Great Wall, visited the Taj, Drank 4 liters of Beer in one night in Augsburg, watched Giraffes stroll by in a game park in South Africa, was chased by an Alpha Male Monkey and was pushed off the sidewalk by a cow in India.  Can say beer in multiple languages but rely on the point system for most else.
Anything Else To Share?: Can't wait to see you all in July

Theodosopoulos, Kosta
City: Brookings
State: SD
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Kathy
Children: Trifon 18, Kristina 9
Job: Business owner
Employer: Mix Dry Cleaners
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Elk's member, serious bowler, spending time at the lake
Other Achievements?: I'm proud to have been part of the Brookings community all these years --to own my own business and to give back to the community that has given me so much.


(Thue) Telkamp, Rylene
City: Brookings
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Aurora, SD & rural Brookings - haven't ventured far from home
Personal Status: Divorced
Employer: Ramsdell's Fertilizer & Propane
Job: Secretary/Office Manager
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Relay for Life Walk in Brookings - MS Walk in Sioux Falls.
Other Achievements?: That even at my age now, I am not afraid to make a career change to make my life better and happier.  I am now living my life for me and really truly enjoying life, family, & lots of old & new friends.

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Dan and Nancy

(Tuma) Hinrichs, Nancy
City: Aurora
State: CO
I Also Lived In:: Laramie, Cody, and Cheyenne, Wyoming; Dallas and Houston, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Dan Hinrichs
Children: Matt - 18 (stepson)
Job: Territory Manager
Employer: US Foodservice
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Gardening, reading, cooking, and exercise.  I have a couple of organizations (Tri Delta and HOA) that keep me busy and get me thinking about and doing different things from my every day life.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I met my husband, Dan, on e-harmony!  (We could be on one of their commercials!)
Anything Else To Share?: I am very excited to see everyone and find out what is new with your lives.

Ullrich, Duane
City: Venice
State: Fl
I Also Lived In:: Orlando, Fla
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Carole
Children: Kendall 19, A'nders 16, Larsen 14, Davis 9, Simon 8
Job: Hardwoods Galore Flooring
Employer: Self employed
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: I am very active with all 4 of our boys with Wrestling, and Football, they do well and keep us busy. Our married daughter is on the other side of the world by Russia (Republic of Georgia) and we will be taking a trip over there in the near future.
Other Achievements?: Proudest things in my life are raising 5 children that want to hang out with Mom and Dad, and a 20 year marriage that still is strong, in fact, I still open my wife's car door every time!!
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I actually miss the cold!
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Vanderpan family

Vanderpan, Ted
City: Woodbury
State: MN
I Also Lived In:: Platte, SD, Fargo, ND
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Sara
Children: Marie 16, Heidi 14
Job: Pastor
Employer: Self Employed
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: My family and I traveled in Europe (Norway, Germany, Austria, France) for three weeks as part of a grant I received. I enjoy working on the restoration of native prairie grasses. I hunt in the Brookings area each fall and enjoy fishing with my two daughters.
Other Achievements?: I started a new church about 10 years ago and it is going well. My wife is also a pastor and we serve together.
Anything Else To Share?: I look forward to hearing of how everyone is doing.

Vockrodt, Doug
City: Brookings
State: SD
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Mary
Children: Austin 17  Weston 14
Job: Farming
Employer: Self-Employed
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Relay for Life --Camping in the Black Hills or Duluth MN.
Other Achievements?: I have been a supervisor on the Medary Township Board for 15 years. I am the secretary on the Board of Directors for Ag First Farmers Coop.
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Wadsworth Family
Wadsworth, Bill
City: Bernardsville
State: NJ
I Also Lived In:: Northfield, MN; Columbia, MO; Baltimore, MD
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Valia Karantza-Wadsworth
Children: George 11, Alexander 2
Job: Professor
Employer: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Other Achievements?: I finished many years of education and postdoctoral training.  I then made it to the rank of full professor at a large medical university.  I direct a major research laboratory that studies the molecular mechanisms of nervous system development.  Our research is important for understanding diseases that affect the nervous system and is being used to search for better therapies to treat spinal cord and brain injuries.  Much of our work is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, specifically the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: Well, I live in New Jersey.  30 years ago I probably would have told you that anyone would have to be crazy to want to live in New Jersey.  (of course, that still might be true)
I visit Greece often because my wife, Valia, grew-up there and we visit her family and relatives.  (Yes, we had a big Greek wedding in Greece.)
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Diane and daughters
Wilaby, Diane
City: Rochester
State: MN
Personal Status: Single
Children: Erin - 10, Heather - 6
Job: Executive Project Manager
Employer: IBM
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Camping, golf, biking, traveling, being involved with my children, their activities and schools

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(Williamson) O'Meara Family

(Williamson) O'Meara, Kristin
City: Rochester
State:  MN
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Rick O'Meara
Children: Ericka, 18, Kristofer, 16, and Joel, 13.  And can't forget about Millie, the three year old Jack Russell Terrier (Terrorist)!
Job: RN/Cardiac Sonographer, clinical instructor Mayo School of Health Related Sciences, Echocardiography program.
Employer: Mayo Clinic
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Running, church activities, and chasing after our kids watching them play soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, and basketball.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I started running about ten years ago and have completed a few marathons in the past three years and hope to continue to do so until the joints (ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, etc.)give out! It's my stress-release from three teenagers.
Anything Else To Share?: Life is short and we never know what the next ten years will bring.  I hope all of you will consider taking some time out of your busy lives and make the effort to attend this reunion to rekindle old friendships that once were such an important part of your life.  Plenty of shared memories, good times, and laughs are waiting.  Can't wait to see you all!

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Woldt family
Woldt, Tom
City: Indianola
State: IA
I Also Lived In:: Mankato, Minneapolis, Eagan, Burnsville, St. Paul in Minnesota; Lincoln and Crete, NE.
Personal Status: Married (Second)
Partner Name: Ann Woldt
Children: Christina/21
Job: Theatre Arts Department Chair
Employer: Simpson College
Other Orgs Activities Passions?: Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF)--currently serving as Chair of Region 5 (the 7-state 'Great Plains' Region), as National Chair of Regional Chairs, and on National Executive Committee.  Golf.  Nebraska football.  Travel.
Other Achievements?: Simpson College Outstanding Junior Faculty Award (2000.)  Many former students who are working at professional theatres (and/or other worthy endeavors) across the country.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I'm just completing a book about Garland Wright, former Artistic Director at the Guthrie Theater in MSP.  Ann and I have taken over 300 students (in small groups!) for international study at several destinations in Europe and Asia.
Anything Else To Share?: 1) On any given day during the school year, Christina, Ann and I can be found within 100 yards of each other:  Ann and I work in the same department and building, and Christina is a Simpson student who lives in the house right across the street from the theatre!  (We hardly see her, however!)  2) Friends (old and new) are what sustain us!


Woolworth Family

Woolworth, Rich
City: Hayti
State: SD
I Also Lived In:: Been here since 1985!
Personal Status: Married
Partner Name: Paula
Children: Mike (19) Erik (15)
Employer: Verifications, Inc., Watertown, SD
Job: Criminal Investigations.
Other Achievements?: *Being awarded the U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal (the highest non-combat award given).
*Being a published and recorded composer/arranger.
What Else Might Surprise Us?: I think you would all be amazed at how little I've changed (except for my hairline and waistline).  All four members of my family play the Trombone!
Anything Else To Share?: *I taught public school for 20 years
*I now work in Criminal Investigations
*I retired from the SD National Guard with 26 years of service
*Although I no longer perform music, I have established myself as a composer and arranger.  My original music is published through Jalen Music and my arrangements and originals have been recorded and performed by the Army Band, by the Los Angeles-based band "Slidewerke", and by the Stan Kenton Alumni Band.
*My wife Paula is a Quality Assurance Auditor for OEM Worldwide, a Watertown, SD-based electronics manufacturer.
*Son Mike is a Project Manager for Persona, Inc., a Watertown, SD-based sign manufacturer.
*Son Erik is a sophomore at Hamlin High School and a certified guitar "gearhead".


We're Cool, We're Great, We're the Class of '78! 

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