Wade Newman's first collection of poetry
Published by Pivot Press

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"Wade Newman's poetry reminds us that the "I" of the poet is not necessarily the snobbish self-compliment of so many of our contemporary workshop products, but can be the all-seeing and tragic eye of a Tiresias, who has, as Eliot says, "foresuffered all" and is too wise for self-esteem. Such an "I" is as much at home in the most ancient myths as in the bitter-erotic streets of Manhattan. In such poems as "The Cuckold's Song," "These are the Words," "Who Killed His Marriage?" and the astonishing and unforgettable "September 11th" Newman creates stelae and inscribed herms, pure forms that state a dreadful and beautiful truth, that epitomize our times."

--Frederick Turner
(author of Genesis, The New World, The Return, Hadean Eclogues and many volumes of critical writing, including The Culture of Hope.)

"Candid, compassionate, consoling and withal, witty as hell! The poems in Wade Newman's Poisoned Apples bespeak a determination to be truthful, a refusal to soften the focus or blur reality. They are a testament to art, and I admire them tremendously."

--Kelly Cherry
(author of Lovers and Agnostics, Rising Venus and God's Loud Hand, among many other titles including novels, criticism and nonfiction)

"Wade Newman has a voice and a style. The voice is wise and knowing, though never intrusive, and it understands the way men and women talk to each other. The style is a knock-out, sophisticated and armed with lyrical and narrative surprises. Newman's cadences stretch from wonderfully fulfilled sonnets to an array of dramatic monologues to naturalistic description. I'll be reading his poetry with pleasure for years."

--Jack Butler
(author of The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Spaceman, Living In Little Rock With Miss Little Rock, and numerous other titles)


TESTAMENTS, a poetry chapbook by WADE NEWMAN, published by Somers Rocks Press, 1996.

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"Testaments is a carefully crafted and provocative series of meditations on ten Old and New Testament figures and events. Collectively, these poems recast some of the great Biblical stories in a context that is humanistic...but also capable of flaring into radiance....Newman moves seamlessly from the majestic to the comic."

--Ronald A. Sharp
(former editor of the Kenyon Review)


TESTAMENTS AND OTHER POEMS, poetry on cassette written and recited by WADE NEWMAN, produced by Somers Rocks Press, 1997, which includes the complete TESTAMENTS collection plus 9 additional poems.

To Order: Send check or money order made payable to: SOMERS ROCKS PRESS, 505 Court St., #4N, Brooklyn, NY 11231. $10.00 for each cassette + ($3.00 Mailing & Handling for first tape, $1.50 for each additional tape). NY Residents add $.83 Sales Tax for each tape.



The National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis Presents:

Conversations with Three Generations of Poets:

Dick Allen (The Day Before), Wade Newman (Poisoned Apples), & Adam Kirsch (The Thousand Wells)

Reading their poems & discussing their approaches to creativity.

8PM Friday, February 6, 2004

150 West 13th Street, NYC
Free admission - limited space - RSVP (212) 924-7440




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