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History of the Winnie Davis Chapter #12
as edited by
Miss Victoria Tagliabue

Recognizing the need to ensure that Southern traditions and values be saved, a suggestion was made at a meeting of the Jefferson Davis Chapter #1637, United Daughters of the Confederacy, that a children’s chapter be formed.  Mrs. Neta V. Taylor, Mrs. Whit Boyd, and Mrs. John M. Wilcox, all past presidents of the chapter, joined in their efforts and a chapter was organized.  Since the sponsoring UDC Chapter was named after the only President of the Confederacy, it was decided to name the children's chapter after his youngest daughter.  On January 31, 1936, the Winnie Davis Chapter #12, Children of the Confederacy was chartered.

The Winnie Davis Chapter #12 held meetings with children ages 21 and under until 1957 when the chapter was divided into Junior and Senior groups.  Each group had its own director and officers.  The junior group ranged in age from birth to 13 years of age, and at that time they could advance to the senior group.  Here they could remain until age 21 or until they married, or became members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy or the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  In 1978 both groups combined and have remained such over the years.

During the 1950's and 1960's, Mrs. Wilcox was joined by Mrs.Gussie Bratton in devoting much time and energy to the children.  Aided by mothers and grandmothers of the children, these two ladies sponsored annual retreats at Friday Mountain Camp, which was outside of Austin on the Old Fredericksburg Highway.  Numerous activities were available and included not only fresh air, but home cooking as well.

Over the years, Winnie Davis Chapter #12 has been active on all levels of the Children of the Confederacy.  Wendell Alcorn, Patsy Noble Capps, Sarah-Elise Dunklin, and Victoria Tagliabue have all served as the President General of the Children of the Confederacy.

Members serving the Texas Division have included Rachel Lee, Forrest Lowe, and Makena Ray.

Winnie Davis #12 currently holds its meetings on the third Sunday on the month, September through May, although special activities are scheduled at other times.  The meetings are held in members' homes or at a place of historical importance.  Programs are given on history of the War Between the States, speakers and tours are also arranged during the year.



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