May 24, 1991-February 23, 2002

Ch Windcastle's Free Spirit, ROM, HOF, BISS

DOB: 5-24-91 Red OFA Good, full dentition, patella, CERF, thyroid and heart normal

Cassidy finished his show career in 1995 ranked #8 Shiba (Canine Chronicle). He was awarded 1993 Beikoko Shiba Inu Aikokai Best in Show, and has multiple Best of Breed and Group Placements. We are proud to add *Register of Merit (ROM) and **Hall of Fame (HOF) to his many titles and would like to thank the Breeders and Owners that made this possible:

AM/MEX/INT'L CH Windcastle's Dream Come True, AOM -- Windcastle
AM/CAN CH Windcastle's Winslow of Ming Yii -- Windcastle/Kathleen Kanzler
CH Hansha's Aka Jishi -- June Gilmore/Delores Berry
CH Hansha No Taka Washi Go -- June Gilmore/Nick Marinos
CH Prescott J's Beni Bara Hime -- Liz Williams/Betty Scott
CH Wilhavens Sunny Spirit -- Liz Williams/Laura DeHeer
CH Wilhavens Spirit of Kyoto -- Liz Williams/Donald & Mary Daniels
CH Reno Sakura Mitsuhime -- Jacey and Dennis Holden
CH Windcastle's Oh So Awesome, NA -- Windcastle/C Ross
CH Windcastle's Catch The Spirit -- Windcastle

*8 or more Champions
**10 or more Champions

"Cassidy" is available at stud on a limited basis, to approved bitches, with Frozen Semen only.

Cassidy - headshot

Cassidy son, "JR"
CH Windcastle's Catch the Spirit
at 10 months

JR" at 2 1/2

"SUMO" AM-SCA-RBKC CH Fukuryu Beikokusekiryuso, BISS, ROM
r DOB: 12-12-88 Red OFA Excellent, full dentition, patella, CERF and heart normal. Best in Show BSA Specialty-1992, Best Male and BOS, BSA Specialty 1991, Best Puppy BSA Specialty 1989. No 1 Shiba SKC System ll. 9 time Best in Show Winner

Nobumitsu of Komiya Watanabesow
Best Male & Best in Show, Beikoku Shiba Inu Aikokai Specialty, 1988

Kogen of Ryokushinsow

Suzuichime of Hamamidorisow

SCA & RBCK CH Fukuhime of Kenwaso
Red OFA Good CERF Clear Best in Show BSA Specialty 1990 and WB and BOS Shiba Ken Club National Specialty 1990.

Fujizakura of Hikari Kaidasow
Aya of Fussaen
Best of Breed & Best Female BSA Spec., 1987

"MIYA" Japanese Import Mexican/SCA & RBKC CH Katsura No Miyahime of Izumi No Motosow, C.A.C.I.B., BIS, ROM, HOF
Red DOB: 8-12-88 OFA Excellent, full dentition, patella, CERF and heart normal. Best female & BOS, BSA Specialty 1992, multiple Group Placer and RBCK Best in Show

Asahifuji of Kyokujitsuan Suzuwaka of Hongo Ishodosow
Akiohme of Kyokujitsuan
Akikazehime of Izumi No Motosow Jiromaru of Fushimasow
Mitsufusame of Izumi No Motosow


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