The Yates Genealogy Photo Album

I hope you enjoy these pictures. I call this page "A Trip Down Memory Lane." Thanks for stopping by my home on the Web.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Mom's father's family This picture, which appears in the The Reed Boys, p. 12, was taken in 1895. It shows the family of my mother's father, Chess Yates. Members are: Chess, Luther, Grandmother Mary Jane Marcum Yates, Nellie, and Hattie.


Mom's family This picture, which appears in The Reed Boys, p. 19, was taken about 1900. It shows my mother's immediate family - sister Essie, Grandmother Mary Jane, Mother Mary holding brother Claude, and brother Allcey II (who died in his youth.) My mother was born in 1907, several years after this photograph was taken.


Uncle Claude Uncle Claude - This photograph was taken a few years after the one above. Claude Yates lived in Jacksonville, FL from 1953 until his death. Upon his death in October, 1988, a local newspaper noted Yates as "Father of the city-county merger."


Mom and Uncle Henry Aunt Faye Adams (Tucker), Uncle Henry Yates, and Mom. How did that Tucker get on the Yates' page? My Mom, Dad, and family, along with Aunt Faye and Uncle Null, spent many Saturdays with Uncle Henry, Aunt Nellie, Cousins Beverly and Sonny. Cooking hamburgers, making ice cream, and Uncle Henry and Dad letting me have some of the foam off a cold beer.


Mom at Ellendale Mom at Ellendale, Tennessee in the late 1950s. Can you tell what kind of car is on the right?.


Mom at Panama City Mom at Panama City, FL. This was taken in the summer of 1953. This is the last vacation we had with Dad.


Sister Kathy My sister Kathy - this is her high school graduation picture in 1962.

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