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I hope you enjoy these pictures. I call this page "A Trip Down Memory Lane." Thanks for stopping by my home on the Web.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Oldest pic John David Tucker Sr. (Pawpaw), James Cleveland Tucker (Uncle Jimmy), Laura Ann (McDaniel) Tucker (MaMaw). Uncle Jimmy was born in 1898, so I guess this picture was taken in about 1902. The inscription on Pawpaw's tie is "Des Arc." Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Faye, and my Dad were all born in Des Arc, Arkansas. Uncle Bruce and Uncle JD were born near Mena, Arkansas. Kids pic MaMaw, Aunt Faye, my Dad, and Uncle Jimmy. Picture was dated 1907 - the year my Dad was born.
Potter1 pic Potter Scene - In rear - my Dad and Aunt Hazel (Uncle Jimmy's wife). In front, MaMaw and Uncle Bruce. Potter2 pic Potter Scene - Pawpaw and sons - photo taken in front of family home.
Potter3 pic Potter Scene - Mamaw in front of family home in Potter, Arkansas. Potter4 pic Potter Scene - Pawpaw getting ready for work.
Oldest Dad pic My Dad - taken in the early 1930s.. After high school he moved to Memphis and worked for W. B. Davis Electric Supply Co. In 1934 he moved to Orgill Brothers and was there for 20 years, until his death in 1954. He started and then managed the electrical department. Mom war effort pic My Mom's War Effort - It's 1943, and cooking grease had become important to the WW-II war effort. All housewives were asked to save the old cooking grease and turn it in to the corner grocery store to be used in making explosives. Mom burned her hand while pouring hot grease into a storage jar. Uncle Null (Null Adams, City Editor of the Memphis Press Scimitar) had her picture taken and it was featured in the paper promoting the war effort. My brother had this photograph; he scanned it and emailed it to me. Thanks brother Benny!
Vacation 1936 pic Uncle Null, Dad, Aunt Faye (my father's sister) holding Benny, and Mom - on the beach at Daytona. This is one of the few pictures that I have that was dated - this one was taken in 1936. Notice the cars on the beach. Vacation Fish pic Spending time on beach at Daytona was not the only thing my Dad enjoyed during that vacation in 1936.
Family pic Mom and Dad with brother Benny and me. Benny is the older, I'm the good looking one. Judging from my size I think my sister Kathy was a gleam in my Dad's eye. Picture taken in the early 1940s. Kids and Snow pic Kathy has arrived on the scene. Who says it never snows in Memphis? Picture taken about 1947.
dad's work pic My Father's Work Place - Orgill Brothers. Dad started and then managed the electrical department for 20 years. We took this picture in Sept. 1996. Orgill Brothers had long since moved, but the building was still in use by another company. On the left side of the photograph is the entrance to an exclusive "Uptown Neighborhood" where the actress Cybil Shepard lives. On Saturday mornings, I used to ride the bus from our home on Hollywood Street to downtown, then walk to Orgill Brothers, visit my Dad, then ride home with him. I did this quite often since Orgill Brothers also had a toy department. dad's work pic Orgill Brothers was started in the late 1800s. This building was built in early 1900s. It's located on Calhoun Street in Memphis, Tennessee.
Some Fish pic My Dad loved to fish. He taught me - - and some of my fondest memories are of fishing trips with him. He left us way too soon, at age 47. Picture taken about 1950. dad at play pic My Father At Play. We lived next door (almost) to my Aunt Faye and Uncle Null. They lived at 707 Spring, we lived at 697 Hollywood in Memphis, Tennessee. My dad loved kids - here he is breaking up sunbathing by my cousins, Mary, Carolyn (standing,) and Nancy. (Attention Mary and Carolyn - Nancy identified the people in this picture, so if there's a problem tell her!) This picture was taken in the 1940s.
Uncle Null & Corn pic Uncle Null always said "Who says city-slickers can't grow corn?" Uncle Null and Aunt Faye lived next door to a vacant lot, so they used it for a WW II victory garden. Later, Dr. Charles Clark bought the vacant lot and built his home there. One of his patients was the mother of Elvis, who was sometimes known as the King of Rock-N-Roll. Looks like my brother was trying to help. Picture taken in the early 1940s. Xmas pic The J.D. Tucker Sr. Family at Christmas, 1942. (L to R) Front Row - Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Faye, Pawpaw, Mamaw. Back Row - Dad, Uncle JD, and Uncle Bruce. A very fine family!!

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